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Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps Part 3

Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps reveal signs that are a combination of different styles of recorded information. As far as the actual handwritten maps, very few treasure hunters have ever even seen an actual Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Map. I have seen, read and decoded several of these KGC treasure maps and find them highly intricate, most unusual and very interesting.

The material that Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps are drawn on varies but most likely is either leather or civil war uniforms (rebel uniforms of course). In one case the map was made from the side of the rebel uniform and included the seam. Surprise, the seam was a symbol on the map although it was in no way highlighted. It had been cleverly designed around the seam as though it were not a part of that map. In truth, it was the direction to the treasure.

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps were hand drawn maps, that may include simple, childlike drawing of mountains, trees, hoot owl trees, trails, figures, or perhaps one of a series of maps may include a coded description of everything that is hidden. When I say childlike, they are simple line drawings, sometimes called stick drawings that are never complex in style. Many times there is a series of maps for a single area, particularly when there is a repository. I have seen these maps written in Spanish, which easily allows for decoys, reversals and even complete information to show it was previously Spanish.) Remember, the KGC used the Spanish treasure sites (hidden caches of the Spanish, that were hid in anticipation of the impending Indian uprising, and were never found when another generation of Spaniards returned years later) and altered them. They also altered the Spanish with secret codes to show what part of the written information was false. These professional treasure hiders sometimes divided the Spanish treasure and re-hid it in multiple locations sometimes left it in place and altered the Spanish signs. Perhaps you have chased a Spanish treasure to a dead end? Perhaps you were hood-winked by the Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps, that either altered signs or relocated the deposit.

If you believe you have found a Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Map or KGC treasure site, it is very helpful in cracking the code to see all the physical signs, symbols, rocks or maps before they are moved, altered or destroyed. TAKE lots of pictures, leave everything as you found it and seek professional help. Call UDI for decoding and suggest ways to circumvent the death traps for safe recovery.

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