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Knights of the Golden Circle, Treasure Map Signs 6

Knights of the Golden Circle, Treasure Map Signs 6 duplicated much of the Spanish work in signs and symbols of treasure hunting, but not exactly. This means the length of a line could give the distance or depth of the treasure or distance to the next sign or symbol. You must be very accurate in this measurement and it’s interpretation or it will be of no value for you. Also, if the line is on a horizontal surface, take your compass reading to discover the degrees the line is pointing, and then adjust according to the magnetic declination of the year the treasure was hidden. Since magnetic declination varies from year to year, use the directional based upon the year the treasure site was established.

Another favorite of the Spanish and the Knights of the Golden Circle, Treasure Map Signs was the drill holes. Drill holes can establish the actual site location, the distance and the compass direction if read properly. We will not discuss this process within this article as these drill holes vary according to site. The parameters of how to read these elusive drill holes signs will vary according to area and those that hid the treasure. However, one clue that is general applying to all drill holes is to carefully clean any drill hole out using a small stick, compressed air (cans of compressed air for cleaning computers are the best). In most cases remember that a drill hole was made with a star drill. It is generally slightly larger that a ½” piece of emt conduit. Carry a piece of this conduit with you (about 18” is excellent) if you are encountering drill holes and after cleaning the hole, insert the emt into the hole. From this you may get better ideas of direction (although this depends on which type of hole it is) but you can make a mark on the emt with a felt pen and measure the depth of the hole when you withdraw the conduit. This may also be an indication of measurement related to the treasure. This is only one tip for Knights of the Golden Circle, Treasure Map Signs, there are many!

If you believe you have found Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Map Signs, and feel you need an expert to assist the deciphering of the code please email below or call  for free consultation. Call for480 463 7464

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