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Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 7

Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps that we were discussing in the previous article had started looking at on-site markings, specifically drill holes. Another popular hole was the site hole. This hole is drilled all the way through the rock and is used similar to a rifle site. One of the most interesting ones that I worked with of this type was next to a trail going up a large hill. You could only look through it one direction due to it being on the edge of a cliff. You could only stand in one position to see through it. As you looked through the hole (about eighteen inches in length) you could see a small triangular shaped rock about half way through the hole. We used a dowel to push the rock out into out hand and discovered it was a carved stone in the shape of a pyramid. This was a definite site hole to view the hill opposite where the trail was.

Other Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps site rocks may be carved in the shape of animals, people or things. Remember the heart, turtle and poodle carvings of the Spanish? They used other ones as well and the Knights of the Golden Circle expanded on this even more. Some are set in their meaning, yet others must be considered within the context of the characteristics of the animal, etc.

Yet other signs will take you to an animal that tells you a book of the Bible. Matthew is represented by a lion, Mark is represented by an ox, Luke is represented by a man and John is represented as an eagle. Chapter and Verse should be indicated in plain text, rarely in code. Some books of the Bible are represented by a letter (Spanish used T for Tobit, from the apocryphal books of the Catholic Bible) or JAS for the book of James. If you are working on Spanish signs I recommend the Duoay-Rheims Catholic Bible for the apocryha and if you are working on KGC signs, I recommend the King James translation). The famous ‘Bible Tree’ in Arkansas has several Bible directions on it and rumor has it that at least three small caches were located from these Bible directionals.

If you have photos, property or knowledge of Spanish or Knights of the Golden Circle, (KGC) Treasure Maps or collections that you need interpreted contact UDI using the email form below or call Underground Discovery at 480 463 7464.
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