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Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps 10

Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps often included many formats for signs and symbols. Some of the basics of these signs and symbols have been reviewed in other publications.

Although we will return to treasure signs in the near future, I must pause here for a stern warning. The Knights of the Golden Circle were very familiar with the building of death traps. They understood well the Spanish death traps and added a few of their own twists to them. For example, I have personally seen and dealt with the water traps of the KGC. Once you are inside the entryway of the largest of the KGC repositories, you may think you have found the entrance to that repository. In your excitement you will want to remove the stone you are sure forms the entry to that repository. Removal of that stone may very well cause an immediate and violent flooding of the entire chamber from a lake above the repository. It was not the entry to the repository; it was the entryway for the water that will drown you. Other traps I have seen include mechanical rock falls, sand falls and bottled chemicals where a falling rock or a rock you stepped on will breaks the glass and the chemical will kill you. The death traps are very well designed and I would not recommend you attempt to diffuse them without help from someone that knows them quite well. I have had some excellent training from when I was younger and even now the sweat breaks beads on my forehead as I cautiously proceed!

Remember, for example, that the southern sympathizers in New York (KGC) used Greek Fire to try to burn the city down and were very close to succeeding. Greek Fire, when exposed to the air is combustible and phosphorus based. These Knights played for keeps and they knew their Chemistry 101. Be cautious; be careful!

Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps, signs, symbols and interpretations take years of study. If you have KGC or Spanish treasure maps, signs or symbols , use the email form below or call 480 463 7464
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