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Tea for Treasure

Tea for treasure is paramount in some countries.

Daylight found us on the curb equipment packed for the day’s journey. Our SUV arrived and we piled in and were off like a herd of turtles. We might have driven 4 blocks when the chorus rang out in unison, “CHAI”! The SUV pulled back to the curb and everyone was getting out?

A very ornate teapot sat steaming on the side of the cafe. We filled half the tables with our assemblage. Sugar was passed around by the cube and a very small glass was filled with an aromatic brew that that locals called chai. It was delicious! When in Turkey you do as the Turks do.

Chai is not just tea.

Chai is the morning board meeting, the greeting of friends and fellow neighbors, the day planner, the after breakfast drink, and the following goal just one hour away. Chai is served at the fruit stand beside the road, the cafe, the restaurant, every home and business that is open to the public.

Chai became the excuse for a bathroom break, a hello to a long not seen friend, the local imam, or just because. This wonderful custom hasn’t reached other nations to the extent of Turkish custom as not many others have the method and tea leaves together to gain the same popularity.

I met wonderful new friends over a glass of chai. Thank you Turkey.

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