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Treasure in TÜRKİYE

arriving TurkeyTreasure in Turkey. Just the mention of Turkey has brought a glimmer to many a treasure hunter’s eye. This is the cradle of much of civilization. Abraham brought his father there to Haran. The Assyrians, Sumerians, Hittites, Seleucids, Greeks, Romans and Ottoman Empire have all possessed it at one time or another. It is the bridge between Europe, Asia and the Near East. The ancients have buried there people with their fortunes for thousands of years.

Yet don’t go there and hunt without all of the permits in place. In one small region that I visited, twenty American treasure hunters were serving ten years each for hunting without a permit within the first six months of 2010 alone. And several more were arrested and awaiting trial…. Don’t even think about it. A report about our team coming to a central region, how we were traveling and with whom preceded us within a short time of leaving Istanbul.

But we were part of a legal and invited archaeological expedition. We carried no shovels or excavation equipment. We were performing non-invasive surveys only. And the adventure will not soon be forgotten.

After the long plane ride, a ferry trip at night across the Marmar.

Our mission was to see if we could locate and image ancient tombs. Our first stop was to see a tomb that had been opened about 100 years ago. Here is the tomb and one of the identifying inscriptions.

The opening of the tomb

Dr. over Tomb Inscriptions
Inscription within the tomb.


Examining the top of a tomb. Notice the inscription in the lower left portion, behind the yellow flowers.

And then it was on to great adventure.

We began to search for our unknown target, (a royal tomb, thousands of years old), using a specialized, proprietary, long distance frequency generator and confirmed our long distance location with our imaging equipment. We not only discovered the tombs, but began to see an overall picture. We are now able to identify the year it was built and from there began to identify who was buried there. Imaging also allowed us to discover depth and approximate amount of gold buried in each tomb.

Scans of the two tombs. These tombs were located by long distance location equipment (within 5 feet from a distance of nearly a mile away) and then imaged. The depth showed to be 10.14 feet to the covers (3 meters+). This was openly shared with those that were with us. What we did not share was there was a large amount of gold in the tombs that was at 24-26 feet.

After our departure, a group including the secret police began to dig the targets without permits. We did secure the photos and have placed one photo of a lid available to all.

Tomb lid

Unfortunately, this was a tomb raid. All involved were arrested and are now serving ten years each for their part in it. I have been informed that several tons of gold were removed by officials from the Turkish government.

Other tombs were located some of them valuable in contents, some not. But important data was collected that allowed us to understand location and identification of tombs in Turkey. Photos below show a part of the identification system.

Seat Sign
Stone seat at tomb. You must know what you are looking at to understand the markings for the tomb area. You must sit in it to see the explanation.

Identification Sign
Tomb markers from which we can now identify who is in the tomb.

Opened Tomb
An opened tomb.

Marker to Tomb
Marker to tombs

We have had the opportunity to visit many foreign countries while discovering their National Treasures and he has earned the respect of colleagues and clients alike for successes in the field. Email for an appointment on the phone or in person. 480 463 7464 undergrounddiscovery.com ©2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019

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