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Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps #15

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps of the KGC and the on-sight signs include many objects other than animals. If it is an object, consider what the object does. What is the item used for? Is it the item a tool? What does that tool do? This could give you a clue for what they are saying but you must consider the context. Always take a series of photographs of each item and place in the picture an indicator for direction and an indicator for size. That way you can sit next to the fire on a cold winter night and examine the object and understand the direction it points and the size it is. Many times there is much information in the measurements of each part of the object. When I have someone send me a photograph of an item, I first consider if it is horizontal or vertical in nature. If it is horizontal I have them take a 12” ruler and lay it so the ‘0’ end at magnetic north and the ‘12’ at the southern position. This gives me the directional and a way of measuring the different parts of the item off of the length of the ruler. If the item is vertical in nature I have a hole in the ‘0’ end of the ruler, tie a string to the ruler and suspend the ruler so the increments are visible in the photo.

Now examine the item (non-animal) for its use. It if were say a knife, look to see where it is pointing but watch carefully for any reversal signs. The hilt might even divide the treasure and the point show the direction. The lengths may indicate how far to the two treasures. You see, a knife is designed to cut or divide. And although that may not be the use of your knife, it could be. You must read it all within the context.

Spanish signs were usually incorporated into a KGC site. Many times the signs were merged to confuse a Spanish sign interpreter. D 480 463 7464.

Treasure Maps of the Knights of the Golden Circle, Article 15, Map Signs
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