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Treasure Stories

Treasure stories like this one started in the 1870’s when Sam Bass, an abominable Texas outlaw, robbed many stagecoaches near deadwood, in the Dakota territory. Bass and his partner, Joel Collins robbed the Union Pacific Railroad in Big Springs, Nebraska. In the treasure story, they confiscated a payroll of 3,000 consisting of newly-minted 1877 $20 gold coins. The 1,250 $20 gold coins were found, but the remainder of coins and jewelry was not found after they died. Rumor has it that Bass’s portion was 30 miles from Denton, Texas in Cove Hollow. Still a treasure story mystery today.

Another treasure story begins in 1894, when the First National Bank located in Bowie, Texas, was robbed by four men. 500 $20 gold pieces and $18,000 in cash was taken. Being founded in 1890, the bank issued $10 and $20 notes, any of those may have been taken during the robbery. The coins were buried before crossing the Red River, so as not to slow the journey with the weight of the coins. An end was put to the treasure story when the men were captured and hanged, but one confided in lawman Palmore as to where the gold was buried, which was under a cottonwood tree where the Red and Wichita Rivers meet.

If you believe you have the best information on a long lost treasure but would like to “see” if it really is underground before you dig, Call Underground Discovery, 480 463 7464 or email us below.
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