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treasure caveSilver treasure is on everyone’s mind at over $45 an ounce and gold at $1800 an ounce! Metal detector sales are up, silver treasure hunters are spawned with every new find!

The hole was only about his waist size in the ground. The rock tossed in the hole verified that the hole was deep. The dark hole stared like a pirate’s eye from beneath the ground. Skirting the cave he searched for an entrance that would be safer than dropping 65 feet to the cave floor. The crevice yawned sideways only about 16 inches wide at the largest gap and slightly downhill from the gaping eye hole directly over the cave. A stick 4 feet long to strike the walls and tunnel like crevice for rattlesnake coils preceded the crawler as he explored for a way into the cave. Suddenly the tight crevice opened into an amphitheater, 120 feet across and 65 foot tall. Stalactites hung from the ceiling like icicles, stalagmites billowed on the floor like the king’s throne. The majestic sight was illuminated by the subdued glow of the indirect sun through the “eye” hole in the very top of the roof. treasure icicles

The second trip into the cave included flashlights and batteries. The year 1645 was carved on the base of a stalagmite. Men’s names and crude maps were carved into the lime deposits. The number “4” was a predominate carving. The year was 1961, the place was southeast of Nageezi and the “4” proclaimed a cache of Spanish silver. There was no “R” symbol to show that the silver treasure had been removed. Ned returned home to study his hand transferred pencil maps traced from the walls of the caves. Very little Spanish codes had been released from the archives of Mexico City or Madrid at this time. However Ned pieced together enough information to return to the cave with pick and shovel to uncover a fortune in silver bullion. Ned had no way of knowing that the lightning bolt symbol denoted a Spanish death trap…

65 foot caveUnlike the movies, “X” never marks the spot of a Spanish treasure! Ned dug at his “logical” choice, deduced from hours of study. He was lucky in more ways than one. Two and a half feet deep, Ned’s shovel nicked an eighty pound, sand cast bullion bar of silver. There was no rejoicing, no screaming of happiness, no one to hear the cries of ecstasy, just silence as the realization set in. Typical primordial action took over, “now that I’ve found it, get it out as soon as possible!”

As the last of the 123 bars was being pulled from their crypt, the ground shuddered and the lights went out! There had been a cave in, preplanned 316 years ago! The lightning bolt had struck. Ned couldn’t see anything. Both flashlights were gone, buried in the rubble. He could barely breath with the pressure on his chest. His legs were trapped. Fortunately his shovel was at his fingers. The dust was still hovering 20 minutes later, the afternoon light was dim and fading through the “eye” hole. To make the situation worse, Ned’s family did not know where he was.

Groping in the dark, Ned discovered a huge boulder had fallen directly into the trough that the bars had lain in. Ned had just turned to reposition a flashlight behind or he would have been bent over and crushed beneath the boulder. Face down Ned began to scrape the dirt from under his chest with the shovel. The loose dirt moved easily but the angle was all wrong to make fast progress. He tired very fast. Two hours later, he had removed enough dirt from under him to rotate his hips. It was now pitch black inside and outside of the cave. “Don’t panic and pace yourself”, Ned repeated to himself over and over again. About midnight Ned pulled the leg on the bottom out of his boot, giving the other leg room to wiggle free. He didn’t dare try to get his other boot out of the rubble in the dark. A harvest moon met him as he emerged from the cave and he filled his lungs with crisp fresh air!

Ned got home just before daylight and worried the entire next day that someone would find his cave and Spanish silver treasure before he could return!

Ned secreted his Spanish silver bars away at his home. Shortly thereafter Ned came down with pneumonia. While in the hospital, Ned’s wife fled to Arizona with all 123 bars, (not known what kind of truck she used or help she acquired…). Ned died penniless.

This is the first of three caches that were found in this cave since 1961.

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Spanish treasure is abundant and rarely written about. If you need help deciphering the code that identifies Spanish treasure and Spanish death traps, email us or call 480 463 7464. We can tell you where the death traps are and how to avoid them. Call for free consultation.

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