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Long Range Detector does it Work?

Tuesday, October 04th, 2011

Long Range Detector that works is the dream of every treasure hunter and prospector.

The question is do they work? There are numerous long range detectors for gold and silver as well as for other non-ferrous metals. Some long range detectors from Germany, South America and a lot from USA claim their hand held long range detectors are the best or their antenna driven model is superb, and still others claim that their computer gizmo long range detectors reigns supreme when it comes to finding the elusive hidden treasure. Most are expensive and do not work!

1.) Our Long Range Detector for Gold, silver and other valuables has been perfected for over twenty years and proven every time it goes into the field. The doubt of its ability is human nature but the proving of its ability to find known hidden treasure usually happens every time we go into the field: Jimmy, Ronnie, Bud and Matt crowded into the suburban with me as we went from one target to another, “lets go to Matt’s farm!” was heard from the back seat.

I didn’t know Matt was in the back seat as we hadn’t been introduced. Upon arrival I asked where they wanted me to set up? “The driveway is fine.” Jimmy replied.

“There is no gold here.” I announced.

“Try silver”. Matt retorted.

Selecting the silver mode, I discovered two silver targets. “There is a silver target over 35 pounds over in the direction of that tree and another over by the barn, do you want me to walk it out and show where it is?

Four men in unison hollered, “NO!”

After realizing that our

Long Range Detector had been tested and passed with perfect accuracy,

the men told me that the two caches of silver had been buried eight years ago.

2.) Brian was proud when he told me his non-ferrous coins were buried in amongst a concrete foundation. The Long Range Detector took less than a minute to disregard the rebar and cement and home in on the coins. “How can I hide from your machine?” he exclaimed.

3.) Randy and Roy had bought the property from a Y2Ker who had used a lot of drugs and probably forgot some of the buried provisions. “We want to see if you can find what we have buried before we have you look for what he has left!”

Once again the “testing” of the machine and operator begins. As each secreted cache was revealed the chagrin of the two men was manifested. “If it has been in the ground 12 months the Long Range Detector will find it!” I announced.

4.) Milford had a business on the edge of town and needed to stop before we went to the field to find a 200 year old lost gold treasure. After a few minutes he came back to the truck with a sheepish grin and asked if the Long Range Detector could locate his diamonds that he had hid in his shop several years prior. The Long Range Detector was set up in the alley behind the shop and seconds later I walked through the back door and into the office at the rear of his store. “The diamonds are in this filing cabinet, and lets see, oh yeah, there are more behind this wall.” he stood there with he mouth agape, speechless.

5.) Wade’s grandad had hidden cash, (paper currency) in a buried glass jar. The buried money in a mason jar had not been found since grandad passed away. He had buried coins in canning jars too, but no one was sure if they had retrieved them or not. The money buried in glass jars had zinc lids and were oxidized but integrally intact. The money was dry but buried four feet deep. Although no coins in mason jars were found, the Long Range Detector ended 18 years of searching for Wade’s buried money in glass jars hidden by his grandad.

6.) Ed pulled into the ranch gate and stopped short of the ranch house by 500 yards. “I want to see if your Long Range Detector is worth a pinch of powdered owl droppings!” he exclaimed. “Lets see if you find anything from here!” he retorted.

I went through the setting for silver and found nothing, Ed grinned. I set the Long Range Detector for paper currency, and found no hint of cash, Ed was stern. Gold was last and immediately pointed in the direction of the corral. I walked to the pole gate and announced that he had his gold buried at 4 feet deep on the Northeast side of the horse corral, as I drew the “X” on the ground. Ed spit tobacco, coughed and confirmed “You’re right on the money, now I guess I gotta hide it again!”

Everyone wants to know if the Long Range Detector really works. After finding dozens of known “tests”, we feel confident that the Long Range Detector is very accurate, reliable and will find whatever you are looking for.

7.) Sally was almost eighty, full of wisdom and hesitant to believe in “swizzle sticks and ‘lectronics”. “Sonny, come take a ride with me.” Sally commanded. Sally drove from her home, downtown and parked behind a commercial building. “Now show me!” she exclaimed. “I want to see if you can fool an ole lady!”

Not real sure what kind of test I was being asked to perform, I asked, “Ms. Sally, what do you want me to search for in the middle of town?”

She replied, “Just look for gold.”

The Long Range Detector blinked as I set up for refined gold and immediately pointed at the back of the building. Ms Sally grinned as we drove to the front of the modest bank. “I have gold in my safety deposit box! she chided. “You pass!”


Confirmation that the Long Range Detector Works.

The trip was a grueling 21 hours of flight, two hours of jeep shaking, a wade across a stream and a ½ hour walk. The subject was convoluted enough to be a book. Three years of excavation using the entire village workforce, an unscrupulous American foreman, $600,000 of investor’s money, clandestine ABC overflights to determine that the treasure mysteriously vaporized from the time it was discovered with primitive equipment, payoffs, secret, redemption (turning the gold into cash) international arms deals, more ABC surveillance, and now the investors wanted us to prove if the gold treasure was still in the base of a landmark mountain somewhere in the Southern Philippines.
Two of the American investors met us at the airport. The unscrupulous American foreman met us at the village. The foreman had moved his new family back to the US when he announced the discovery of an empty chamber that housed no gold.

His Western hometown was awash with rumors of many cash expenditures upon his arriving home. His parents were world travelers with many new international business connections, not all of them legal or nice.
The investors wanted to know if any treasure was still there as the foreman said there was nothing there after digging for 3 years and even after paying a firm to confirm the treasure was there before digging began.

The clouds began to form right from the start. The foreman was smooth and nice until we arrived in the Philippines. He then started coming up with restrictions, “no talking with the villagers as we went through their village”, we could not tell the villagers of our results, “no pictures of the entourage”, enter into a non-disclosure which we did not sign as he wasn’t our client, then a threat as we were about to take the jeep ride, “It was too close to dark and it would not be safe for Anglos”. I guess he thought he was immune to danger as he had lived there 3 years and had a native wife. He wanted us to wait another day before going to the mountain, we did not.

It took less than 5 minutes for the machine to confirm the ABC’s conclusion that nothing was in the mountain any longer.

The investors were not pleased that their treasure had been stolen, but happy they were not going to enter an agreement to spend more money to dig deeper in hopes of finding more of the promised gold.

Once again a confirmation was made that the machine worked. We didn’t stick around as the foreman and family were charged with arms dealing with worldwide terrorist and fraud upon the investors.

It turns out the villagers helped transport the bullion out to a new road built by the government (instead of a very steep footpath), foreman took a private boat to Hong Kong, inter-arms dealing, deceit, payola, payola miscreants and skullduggery. A very volatile dangerous situation that has not been totally resolved yet.

9.)We were introduced to another group of Multinational investors that spent ½ million dollars in the Philippines on 17 targets. The first target was an eyewitness account of where the Japanese hid the gold. At 9 years old, Rizel, had watched from the top of a coconut tree, the Japanese military squad bury the “treasure”.

His story was that the site was “in the family” continually since WWII. The shaft was 55 feet deep costing the investors over 75,000 dollars. Water was pouring into the shaft fast enough to require a full time pump in order for the laborers to dig any deeper. The workers had built a compound over the top of the shaft for cooking and sleeping. Fifteen men and women had worked for two months in very dangerous conditions to ferret out the “prize”. That was guaranteed to be there!

The machine blinked once and I was left with the miserable task of telling the entire group that their efforts were in vain. The treasure was not there. The 70 year old eyewitness sat emotionless as the reality of the missing treasure surged through the crushed crowd.

I sat down beside him and started over with an interpreter. “which tree were you in when you observed the Japanese?”, “Was the land in your families’ possession ever since the burial?” Was someone here on the land every day since the burial?” “When did your father pass away?” “Where were you when he died?”
He replied, “I was in the army for 15 years…”

Enough said, the machine was vindicated again. The machine revealed that there never had been treasure in the 16 previous holes the investors had spent ½ million to dig.

Underground Discovery doesn’t manufacture Long Range Detectors, or sell Long Range Detectors (also known as Long Range Locator, click to read). This proprietary equipment comes with an operator to your location with thousands of hours of experience and a reputation of finding your target or the location the target used to be so you can rest assured that the treasure is yours or has already been removed… (if it indeed was truly ever there).

Long Range Detector for gold, silver, platinum, diamonds or currency is finally available with an operator to find the treasure that has eluded discovery. Call 480 463 7464 or email using the form below for free consultation.

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Thursday, September 01st, 2011

treasure caveSilver treasure is on everyone’s mind at over $45 an ounce and gold at $1800 an ounce! Metal detector sales are up, silver treasure hunters are spawned with every new find!

The hole was only about his waist size in the ground. The rock tossed in the hole verified that the hole was deep. The dark hole stared like a pirate’s eye from beneath the ground. Skirting the cave he searched for an entrance that would be safer than dropping 65 feet to the cave floor. The crevice yawned sideways only about 16 inches wide at the largest gap and slightly downhill from the gaping eye hole directly over the cave. A stick 4 feet long to strike the walls and tunnel like crevice for rattlesnake coils preceded the crawler as he explored for a way into the cave. Suddenly the tight crevice opened into an amphitheater, 120 feet across and 65 foot tall. Stalactites hung from the ceiling like icicles, stalagmites billowed on the floor like the king’s throne. The majestic sight was illuminated by the subdued glow of the indirect sun through the “eye” hole in the very top of the roof. treasure icicles

The second trip into the cave included flashlights and batteries. The year 1645 was carved on the base of a stalagmite. Men’s names and crude maps were carved into the lime deposits. The number “4” was a predominate carving. The year was 1961, the place was southeast of Nageezi and the “4” proclaimed a cache of Spanish silver. There was no “R” symbol to show that the silver treasure had been removed. Ned returned home to study his hand transferred pencil maps traced from the walls of the caves. Very little Spanish codes had been released from the archives of Mexico City or Madrid at this time. However Ned pieced together enough information to return to the cave with pick and shovel to uncover a fortune in silver bullion. Ned had no way of knowing that the lightning bolt symbol denoted a Spanish death trap…

65 foot caveUnlike the movies, “X” never marks the spot of a Spanish treasure! Ned dug at his “logical” choice, deduced from hours of study. He was lucky in more ways than one. Two and a half feet deep, Ned’s shovel nicked an eighty pound, sand cast bullion bar of silver. There was no rejoicing, no screaming of happiness, no one to hear the cries of ecstasy, just silence as the realization set in. Typical primordial action took over, “now that I’ve found it, get it out as soon as possible!”

As the last of the 123 bars was being pulled from their crypt, the ground shuddered and the lights went out! There had been a cave in, preplanned 316 years ago! The lightning bolt had struck. Ned couldn’t see anything. Both flashlights were gone, buried in the rubble. He could barely breath with the pressure on his chest. His legs were trapped. Fortunately his shovel was at his fingers. The dust was still hovering 20 minutes later, the afternoon light was dim and fading through the “eye” hole. To make the situation worse, Ned’s family did not know where he was.

Groping in the dark, Ned discovered a huge boulder had fallen directly into the trough that the bars had lain in. Ned had just turned to reposition a flashlight behind or he would have been bent over and crushed beneath the boulder. Face down Ned began to scrape the dirt from under his chest with the shovel. The loose dirt moved easily but the angle was all wrong to make fast progress. He tired very fast. Two hours later, he had removed enough dirt from under him to rotate his hips. It was now pitch black inside and outside of the cave. “Don’t panic and pace yourself”, Ned repeated to himself over and over again. About midnight Ned pulled the leg on the bottom out of his boot, giving the other leg room to wiggle free. He didn’t dare try to get his other boot out of the rubble in the dark. A harvest moon met him as he emerged from the cave and he filled his lungs with crisp fresh air!

Ned got home just before daylight and worried the entire next day that someone would find his cave and Spanish silver treasure before he could return!

Ned secreted his Spanish silver bars away at his home. Shortly thereafter Ned came down with pneumonia. While in the hospital, Ned’s wife fled to Arizona with all 123 bars, (not known what kind of truck she used or help she acquired…). Ned died penniless.

This is the first of three caches that were found in this cave since 1961.

Read a gold treasure story.

Spanish treasure is abundant and rarely written about. If you need help deciphering the code that identifies Spanish treasure and Spanish death traps, email us or call 480 463 7464. We can tell you where the death traps are and how to avoid them. Call for free consultation.

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Buried treasure, Crock Jars and Gold coins

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Buried treasure always tops the list with gold coins coming in as the number one lost treasure story!

I leaned close as the elderly nursing home resident began to recite. He began slow and in a very low rhythmic voice, “Mr. Canteberry raised horses just a mile and a half out of town as a crow flies, but 5 miles by road in the crook of Boggy Slough Drainage. He didn’t come to town much, as the government took delivery of horses at his ranch. Every year the government buyer showed up to buy all the horses Mr. Canteberry had for sale. He insisted on gold coin for payment and in exchange would sell to no other buyer. Mr. Canteberry raised hay and wheat that he bartered to the Hightower Mercantile for food and supplies that the ranch needed. (He seldom paid for anything in gold coin.) Mr. Canteberry didn’t much care for banks either, said they was inconvenient and not to be trusted. My Dad had been his foreman for most of his adult life and worked as a wrangler some of his late teens. Mr. Canteberry never married, had no kin as we knowed of. When Mr. Canteberry began to feel poorly, quit riding and spent most of the day in a cowhide rocker on the front porch, is when he called my Dad in… Called him “Rodg”, his name was Rodger”.

“Rodg I got a sickness thats takin me out. I want you to have the place and run it like you have for me, I’ll be goin to town tomorrow an see the lawyer. I’ve saved all my gold coins and buried them in four Red Wing crock jars with zinc lids so as to not rust, in the catch trap just a couple of feet deep. Use your head Rodg, they’ll be easy to find when you need em. (Trap is a small fenced pasture.)”

“The next day Dad found Mr. Canteberry still in bed, asleep for all eternity. Dad continued to run the ranch cause the government agent was supposed to be there in a month. Four days before the horse buyer was to arrive, we had another visitor, (I was working for my Dad on the ranch as a wrangler), Mr. Canteberry’s nephew.”

“Reginald Peterson tiz the name, I’m here to take over Uncle Canteberry’s estate!”.

“Dad told him the buyer was due on Friday and that all the horses had been groomed, shod and ready to show. The nephew was excited. Friday came and went and the buyer never showed. A letter on Monday dealt the killing blow. The Great War was over, trucks were taking over and the government had no need for horses.”

“Reg called Dad in fuming.”

“I’ve been to the bank, there is no money, there will be no more money from the government and I will not be a farmer! Where is my uncle’s life accumulation?”

“Dad replied honestly that he did not know. The nephew held an auction and sold the horses, then the ranch to some friend of Reggie’s from New Jersey! Dad seemed to have the life stomped out of him, six months later we buried him. I got married and went to work in the peanut fields drivin tractor.”

“I thought of the buried treasure of gold coins in crock jars several times in my life but it felt like betrayal to Dad and Mr. Canteberry to share it with descendants from New Jersey. Besides the trap was over an acre! I am the only person living that knows there are four crock jars of gold coins known as buried treasure still on the ole Canteberry Place.”

Underground Discovery deciphered the story and set up within the ½ mile radius from the old Canteberry Homestead with the Slough to their backs. The Long Range Gold Detector locked onto “a target” within seconds. Moving to within 50 feet of the target, we discovered that there were actually four targets within 3 feet of each other, confirming part of the story.

As an FYI, ONE crock jar (Red Wing made a quart, 2 quart and one gallon canning crock jar) of gold coins equals 3/4 million in metal price… the total numismatic value is yet to be determined! The nursing home resident, makes frequent shopping trips, has a private room and a personal attendant…

More silver and gold Treasure Hunts

If you have a personal buried treasure story or hidden treasure that you would like to find, e-mail us using the form below or call for a free consultation 480 463 7464.

Underground Discovery
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Digging for Treasure

Monday, November 07th, 2011

digging for treasureDigging for treasure is not with a shovel and three scoops later, “Voi la”, you uncover the top of a treasure chest! The more valuable the treasure, the deeper it is buried; is the rule. The average treasure (less than $100,000) is buried at a depth between four and six feet. This is well beyond the depth range of 99.9% of all metal detectors. Our long range detector locates gold and silver up to 200 feet deep. Shallow treasure is not the topic of this article. Large treasures are buried very deep and this is where our story begins.

The Spanish King, Charles II, decreed that all treasure in the Americas that could not be brought back to Spain before the American Indian revolt of 1680 was to be buried at least 30 feet deep or 30 feet of tunnel from the outside of the mountain. Penalty for burying a treasure too shallow was death! Hundreds of Spanish mines “pickled” (stored) refined bars of gold and silver at least 30 feet deep. Extensive death traps were incorporated to prevent the occasional robber from stealing the treasure (Do your research of “Death Traps” before digging for treasure!). Spain did send expeditions back to open old mines and send refined bars back to Spain. Many sites are still waiting to be found as the ownership of the land changed hands from French to American, Spanish to American, and many miners never made it back to Spain with the secret code to relocate the hidden caches due to time, death, disease or tragedy.

The KGC found some of these hidden Spanish treasure sites and added to them. Digging for treasure in the USA or foreign countries requires planning for safety, a shortcut can cost you your life! In other countries deep hidden treasures may have a different history of why they are there but all are similar in that the treasures are buried very deep.

The pickup had bounced, jostled, and shook for 45 minutes under a southern, hot summer, Arizona sky, through rocks, cactus, thorn brush and dust only to halt beside a “turtle rock” marker that had been the catalyst for the upcoming 85 foot deep, hand dug, solid rock, vertical shaft that ended in a circular winding room, that was illuminated with bare light bulbs on a trotline of wire. Peering into the deep hole, I couldn’t imagine putting this much effort forth based upon an “interpretation” of a rock message 325 years old… Everyone knows a “turtle rock” means gold, but very little additional information was available to indicate the exact spot to dig. When digging for treasure without the technology of the long range detector, a “gut feeling of location can lead to nowhere.

We were hired to use our long range detector, (gold locating machine) to see how far they were from the target. Our gold locator has the ability to measure an ionic residual that forms a sphere around the target. The residual has a half life that remains in the ground for the same time that it is buried before retrieval. If the target has been buried for a hundred years, the residual will last another 100 years after the target is dug up. Unfortunately few retrievers of treasure go to the rock maps and carve the message that “they dug up the treasure”! In this case the gold locator found no residual at all. This indicates that the gold treasure was never at this spot or the residual time has run out and the target was taken over 100 years ago. The client called our machine the “Dream Crusher”! However when used in advance of digging for treasure the gold locator is the “Dream Maker”!

This next story was extremely interesting in that it included an “eye witness”(Eyewitnesses can dim with age and embellish with an audience, but the long range detector machine does not lie…). A hunter and his wife were camped in Southwest NM on public land. The hunter discovered an air shaft to a mine and crawled 60 feet down a precarious angle to the cache room. He found skeletons that dated over 100 years in the past, stacks of gold bullion and gold coins. He brought one gold bar to the surface, blew the air shaft shut with dynamite for fear someone would discover his “glory hole”, showed the bar to his banker when he rented a safety deposit box, got into a fight, accidentally killed the man, went to prison and got out in the late 1980’s. Upon release from prison the hunter found that the banker was gone and so was the gold bar from the bank. The hunter “continued” digging for treasure until his health failed. The hunter/con found our client and told his story and sold part of his interest, if the client would finance and excavate, as the old hunter was broke.

The gold locator was set up just a few feet from the excavation site. The clients had sheared off part of the mountain looking for the collapsed air shaft with a D-9 dozer. In addition to the mountain shearing, our clients had brought in an excavator with a 30 foot depth capacity and dug down past where the target should have been at a cost of $380,000. These intense attempts at digging for treasure were all in vain. The gold locator machine showed no residual whatsoever… If there was gold stacked for a hundred years and one was taken in the mid 70’s then the residual would still show up 35 years later (even if all the gold had been taken in 1975). We could only conclude that the entire story was false and our clients had been duped in a scam. The machine does not lie!

In another southern country, the entire village was benefiting from the treasure recovery. Dozens of diggers toiled daily, numerous cooks and servers smiled as we arrived. A state of happiness was prevalent. The Client told us the story of signs, symbols, legends and interpretations, we listened intently. The diggers were digging for treasure at 265 feet, and 8 months into excavation, all by hand, no mechanized tools whatsoever. We tried to find rhyme or reason as to the decision to dig in the present location, we found none. The gold locator found no residual. The client asked us to change to the silver setting, we reset the machine to locate silver with the same results. Nada, no residual! Our client spoke in earnest, “The treasure has to be here, the entire village is depending upon it!” The machine will find treasure only if it is there or has been there…

We had a client that needed us in a foreign country, that had been digging for 6 years. Total expense, $783,000, total dug shafts, 13, total treasure found, zero. The diggers had been told where to dig based upon rock maps, history, and in one case, an eye witness. The gold locating machine started the process of elimination. The first shaft was 45 feet deep, 4’ X 4′ square (with caisson), had 4 staging rooms at least 12’ X 12’ each and a continuous water pump to keep the water level low enough to keep digging. A psychic had told the client that he missed the target by 3 feet. After three re-directions by the psychic, we were called to locate the treasure. Within minutes the gold locator pinpointed the treasure, 14 feet from the search area, within 28 feet of the surface. 14 feet is just as close as 14 miles if you do not know the exact location. The next 8 targets (dug shafts up to 87’ deep) never had a treasure anywhere near them. In the process of confirming the remainder of the dug shafts we discovered an unknown large target that the client then secured a contract on.

The KGC “treasure depository” was located in the hills of Kentucky. The dowser had pinpointed the largest concentration of silver and gold bullion and advised that it was 69 feet deep. Our client brought in two excavators with 30 foot “reach”, a D-8 Cat “dozer” and a front end loader. The overburden was removed to enable the excavators to reach the target. Winter arrived and the project had to shut down after 45 days of operation. Spring is a time of hope that the project could resume. Thirty days later the treasure seems to be as a ghost, always moving. Once again the dowser pointed and the engines roared. Our client is calling every few days asking for advice only using the present protocols. We said we didn’t have a clue until we could bring our gold locator to the site. The year waned and winter once again shut down the treasure search. The dowser insisted, “the treasure is close”. Spring brought the phone call that had us travel to the “depository”. The gold/silver locator immediately pointed across the valley floor to an opposing mountainside location that was hiding gold and silver. Our client secured a new permit in the correct location.

The comments range from glee to despair:

      • “Thanks for showing us the exact spot and depth! Thanks for saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars!”


      • “If you could have been here 6 months ago you would have saved us $420,000!”


      • “If your machine had of been here in the beginning we would have the treasure out by now!”


      • “You could have saved us all this money and time!”


      • “With your help, we would have known it wasn’t there and never started!”


      • “Your fee is pennies compared to what we have lost!”


      • “Will you help us on our next project before we start breaking ground?”


    • “I lost all I had, and it was never there!”

If you are digging for treasure and would like to focus on the true target give us a call for a free consultation. Before you start spending money digging for treasure let us pinpoint the location for you. If you are reasonably sure you know where the treasure is hidden but would like to confirm if it has been removed, or is it there, or how deep is the treasure, call us before digging for treasure or email us with the form below. 480 463 7464

Note: We do not sell or recommend treasure hunting equipment, we have a service that utilizes proprietary and commercial equipment in a combination exclusive to Underground Discovery INC.

Underground Discovery
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Buried Treasure Private Bank

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Buried Treasure, Private Bank, cache, safe or just a plain hiding place. All treasure was buried with the full intent of the owner to return and dig it up. Most treasure was dug up by the person that buried it…

Buried treasure creates a taylored private bank anywhere, allowing the digger to open the vault and add or subtract from the cache. There are hundreds of “used” buried treasure private banks within a five mile radius of most people in populated areas today. Before brick and mortar banks were on every corner, one used the ground banks to temporarily store their valuables safely. The United States Gold Reserve Act, of January 30 1934, caused a moderate increase of buried gold coins to prevent the government from confiscating them. Up until this year, buried treasures were common ongoing events. The Spanish buried their gold and silver coins, bullion and mines from the angry Indians, Indians buried gold to keep the white man from finding it, wagon trains buried their valuables every night to protect against night robbers, bandits buried loot treasure because the weight of gold and silver slowed their escape from the pursuing posse, Civil War buried treasure resulted when either side was about to possess the area, the miser hid his treasure from everyone by digging a hole, the spouse made moonlight deposits to hide specie from his mate, partners divided to bury their share in privacy, but in the end all but some of the Indians returned to reclaim the buried treasure.

Fate intervened many times with the return of the owner for his buried treasure. Death, physical impairment, memory, distance, time, the law (Gold Act), natural elements and natural disaster prevented the recovery of enough buried treasure to keep hidden treasure hunters, dreamers and hopes of discovery alive for every succeeding generation. Thousands of “lost” hidden treasure caches are waiting to be found. Most signs, markers and the “X” on the map to these buried treasures were only in the digger’s mind and not on trees, rocks or maps.

Our proprietary electronic technology allows Underground Discovery to locate treasure, buried treasure or hidden treasure with our long range detector, from over a mile away, then pinpoint the exact spot and depth of the buried treasure. Our services are available nationwide as well as worldwide. We do not sell equipment. If you have a buried treasure, family treasure, KGC treasure, Spanish treasure, outlaw treasure or just a treasure that you would like to verify and recover, save thousands of dollars by finding the exact location before digging.

Email using the form below or call 480 463 7464.

KGC, Knights of the Golden Circle Defined

Underground Discovery
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Gold Robbery Lies

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Gold Robbery Lies are more prevalent than gold robbery truths. The frontier bank is held up, sometimes by design, others by chance, the banker has had his hand in the till, and now sees a way to come out squeaky clean. The banker claims $25,000.00 was stolen, when in actuality the robbers only took $1800.00. Even if the robber denies that he took that much, no one believes him and a new treasure story is born and more gold robbery lies are spun into the annals of history. The press has ALSO been guilty of perpetuating, exaggerating and downright fabricating amounts stolen in holdups under the guise of reporting (selling) the copy!

“$23,200 IN GOLD COIN BURIED BETWEEN THE OLSON PLACE AND THE BUTTERFIELD STAGE STOP! Only $1800 recovered. Robber hung and never reveals the location of the missing buried loot.” Truth or Gold Robbery Lies?

The forest road was crooked and rough. We bounced over the ruts and washes traversing the century and a half old ranch. One gold robbery happened on the old Star stage line that operated between Prescott and Santa Fe. The story that was published estimated the value of the un-circulated gold coins in 1879, to be $225,000.00. (Today’s value would make it well over $16 million.) The ranch owner chatted endlessly, divulging mountains of facts and treasure lore about this huge stash of gold coins. The bank decided that the gold coin shipment was to be a secret. A common freight wagon would transport the coins with no outriders for protection. Freight wagons were common on this route and everyday freight had never been robbed on this road. A stage station (a place to change horses, use the outhouse facilities, sometimes eat and always water) was located near a spring that was ¾ of a mile from the ranch headquarters. There were four robbers waiting for the shipment at the stage station when the freight wagon arrived. The robbers shot the guy “riding shotgun” and killed him, but the driver fell from the wagon seat, scrambled to the woods and escaped without being wounded. The driver returned in 50 minutes from the ranch house where the sheriff just happened to be lunching with a posse out on a different mission…

The law men raced into the stage station property where they discovered that the robbers were still there! The posse closed in and trapped the bandits in the station. A gun battle ensued and raged well into the dark without the first bandit giving up. The Sheriff started the stage station on fire, the bandits came running out shooting, and all 4 were killed at the station. The next morning the ashes were sifted, the grounds searched but the three boxes of gold coins were nowhere to be found. Claims were made that the 3 wooden boxes were never found. We do know that magic was not applied to make them disappear. What we have here is classic Gold Robbery Lies! There were just too many convenient happenings.

• No outriders, not even trailing the wagon.
• Sherriff only a stone’s throw from the robbery with a posse, having lunch.
• No one manning the stage station?
• Driver escapes without being shot.
• Why did the robbers stay at the stage station for almost an hour after the driver escaped?
• Why wasn’t the gold coins or melted gold found where the station had burned?
• The driver never saw the 3 boxes of gold. Tarp was already tied down when he arrived.

Underground Discovery started at the springs to set up the long range gold detector. (One of the theories was that the outlaws threw the coins in the springs.) The machine eliminated the springs immediately. The long range gold detector has the ability to find the current hidden gold coins or where they were buried and then dug up. The buried cache was located less than a half mile from where the station was located, right at the tree line of a lake. The caliche rock soil made for tough, slow digging when you are in a hurry. It was evident from 20 feet away that the ancient cache had been dug and the hole never recovered.

Now the facts to refute the Gold Robbery Lies:

• $225,000.00 of $20 gold one ounce coins equals a 74 foot long single roll of coins.
• $225,000.00 equals 11,250 coins.
• 11,250 coins weigh 771.43 pounds
• The coins are 1.33 inches in diameter . Each box would have to hold 24.66 feet of single roll coins.
• There were 3 wooden boxes to hold the gold coins each holding 257 pounds or 3750 coins.
• Each box would have to measure at least 8” by 6” by 12” long with and outside dimension of 9”X7”X13”.
• 24 rolls 12” long, 6 rolls to the layer, 4 layers of coins.
• The hole needed to be a minimum of 13” long by 9” wide by 21” deep to house the three boxes. Yes a smaller hole could be dug if you poured the coins in the hole loose without the boxes.

However, the empty hole was carefully scraped to the bottom. It was barely the width of a shovel and only 24” deep. An impossible size hole to house the 11,250 coins that needed to be extracted quickly at the time of retrieval. Second our equipment estimated that the size of the cache of gold coins had only been the size of a quart jar which would have fit the hole we were staring at perfectly. There is no way that there ever were 11,250 gold coins buried at this site. The machines don’t lie. We can tell how much, how deep, and sometimes how long it’s been there.

Let’s review the Gold Robbery Lies and the Gold Robbery facts:

• Obviously someone leaked out the information of the gold shipment,
• It appears that 6 men were involved in the robbery,
• The Ring leader (banker?), the freight wagon driver, and 4 fall guys.
• The quart size loot robbed by the 4 fall guys was payoff for the wagon driver.
• The rest of the loot was never put in the wagon…

Now one would have to do a little research to find out about insurance jobs back then, because with the information that Underground Discoveries was able to detect, the size of the shipment was defiantly not the size that was reported to the authorities. You see, not only can we discover where the loot is buried, we can tell how much is there as well. We found where the loot had been buried.

Our personal opinion is, whoever the inside guy was, knew where they were going to bury the gold, because the 3 to 4 hour job to dig the hard caliche rock hole had to have been dug prior to the robbery not in the 50 minute interval between the heist and the sheriff arrival. We suggest the small cache was for the wagon driver who had to have known in advance that the sheriff would be close by. The 4 fall guys had to have known the driver was part of the scheme, because 4 men can certainly shoot 2 un-expecting men on a stopped wagon. Or perhaps some treasure hunter happened across the small gold coin cache by accident. You make the call!

More Gold Robbery Lies survive the test of time because we as readers want there to be more there in the elusive treasure cache…

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Ancient Treasure Hunting in TÜRKİYE

Tuesday, January 01st, 2019

Ancient Treasure Hunting in Europe. For more than 4000 years, Turks have been defined by the Mongolians, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, Kurds, British, Greeks, French, Jews and Muslims. During these times of foreign occupation, the regals of each era where buried with their valuables. Thousands of treasure sites dot the landscape. The tombs of the very early regals can be seen from miles away as mounds of earth towering nearly 100 feet above the surrounding landscape. Ancient treasure

This unique section of the earth is now known as Turkey, the crossroads for worldwide trade, the cradle of the “silk road”. Constantine came up with the name Constantinople but later it became Istanbul. It stands to reason that there are many ancient treasure sites over this entire country. However, there have been thousands of tomb raiders and grave diggers over the past thousands of years that have dug up most of the “known” treasures.
We have been in many countries worldwide and every state in the USA, and find that less than 1% of “known” treasures, remain where they were originally buried, this includes Turkey.

Our Ancient Treasure Hunting took us to nondescript overgrown cemeteries with blank rock headstones, to caves, tunnels (hundreds of meters deep), cliffs, ancient mound tombs, priest tombs, Armenian settlements long abandoned, Roman burial sites, elaborate carved crypts (lait), vineyards that were planted over treasure sites, restricted sites, military sites, days of driving to all four directions in the nation. We saw hundreds of dug holes that the equipment verified, no treasure was left buried there.

Ancient treasure

Most of the mound tombs have been raided years ago. In a small pastoral setting of shady trees I noted that there were two mound tombs and one had been dug. We stopped and set up the equipment and it confirmed that the diggers had removed all treasure from the first mound… however the second mound (that had not been dug) still had a good signal that treasure was still there… we are still waiting to hear the results of this Ancient Treasure mound tomb that is located on the owners’ farm.

Time after time the equipment led us to the exact dig from a kilometer away. An explanation of how this works when the treasure has been dug is in a following post. Unfortunately on the spots unknown to the person working the area, our search ended in a “dug hole”.

17 days is not enough time to rule out the dug treasures and zero in on the target that has never been dug.
Here is a question that I have been asked by people that did not contact me but were “sold” my service without our knowledge and then told I could 100% find only targets still in the ground: “why is your service valuable if you cannot tell me that the treasure is 100% there?”

Lets start with Allies: Allies worked 90 days without a break, and without stopping before reaching a depth of 93 meters, chasing “code” etched on the stream bank wall. Allies was working in a restricted area with two companions working three shifts a day. The crew stayed underground most of the time coming out at night to sleep in a tent and cook when not digging. Tourist alerted authorities that a suspicious activity was going on in the restricted area. Allies and his partners were arrested, fined and went to jail.

Our equipment showed there was never any treasure buried within 3 kilometers of the 93 meter dig. There was no signal for gold, silver, diamonds or bronze present at Allies’ dig site. No signal equals 100% no treasure!

Second, lets proceed with Mahamett: the test was on to see if our machine was good or a fake. We did not find out about this test until later. Mahamett stopped the car and said “test here”. We had stopped in the middle of the wind farm. The machine pointed in the opposite direction than everyone was facing. One by one the team of five men started to smile as I obviously was pointing opposite in the right direction. The car was moved ¾ of the kilometer and Mahamett again said “test here”. The machine pointed back in the direction we had come from, which meant we had passed the target. I told the men I would walk to the target. On the way there the men told me that they were just testing me and the machine and that they had already started to dig, they were down 11 meters and they wanted to know how much further to dig.

Arriving at the hidden dig site, I set up the equipment and discovered their dig site was 22 meters from the original burial site that was only 2.1 meters deep.

Let’s move on to Jim: Jim showed up at my personal invitation to see the equipment work and dig in my test plot see if the machine could perform as advertised. He was more than convinced! His plane tickets said that I would be going to a foreign country and his instructions was to find a treasure that an eyewitness had seen buried during WWII. Jim had spent $340,000 US on this project only to have a cornucopia of gadgets and ground penetrating radar tell him that he had missed the target at 21 meters deep by 2 meters. 17 diggers, 8 ½ months, water pumps running 24 hours a day to keep the shaft dry enough to dig and they still could not find the treasure. My total flight time was 17 ½ hours, my road time to drive to the site’s 3 ½ hours, and in less than five minutes I disclosed the target had been taken. The eyewitness now almost 90 years old said, “I was afraid of that.” As it turns out the treasure had been buried on his family’s property, watched very carefully except for the 15 years he was in the military.

Simian Hill:
Peter had joined a group of investors to plunder Simian Hill. Simian Hill was supposed to have 200 metric tons of gold buried in a shaft that had been partially filled with stones. Simian Hill was in a foreign country with a US foreman guiding the local workers.

Peter called us because after hundreds of thousands of dollars, 4 years of dubious continual work mucking out the shaft, another ground penetrating radar image revealed that the gold had disappeared. He wanted to know for sure if the gold was gone indicating that the nefarious foreman had decided to take it all, or was the gold still there as indicated before the dig began?

A book could be written on this one story but our equipment found the treasure was 100% not there!
Two governments are chasing the splinter group that absconded with the investors share.

Although I have hundreds of examples of the value that this equipment has given our clients I’ll end with Alan: all of my prospective clients get my same personal invitation to see the equipment work in my test plot. Each client is told the same odds that their special treasure has less than 1% chance of still being there. Allen brought his wife to our test plot and left proclaiming he was going to use our service. Alan went home and told his three partners that he wanted to know for certain, the project they had worked on for 22 years and spent countless thousands of dollars, almost every weekend, endangering their grandchildren was worthy of their continued efforts.
The original shaft led to a large antechamber, with an outline of a door leading to another chamber. The discoverer dynamited the shaft to prevent its discovery by others before he could file a mining claim on the area. Upon returning he found it too difficult to muck out the closed shaft. After many attempts, the decision was made to dig a lateral tunnel to intersect the antechamber. The antechamber was never reached. High on the side of the mountain I set up the equipment and went through the selection of gold, silver, diamonds and bronze frequencies. There were plenty of signs and symbols! There were no signals for any of these treasures. These treasures were 100% NOT THERE!

Allen called when I got home and he said “Man am I relieved! Now I can concentrate on a real treasure…”

SO your question at this point might be, so, “what can your equipment do for me?”
1. Locate the original burial site starting within a kilometer of where you think its buried.
2. Let you know if the treasure is there at all… allowing you to concentrate on a real target.
3. Locate the true target, letting you know the depth of the target within 6”.
4. Give an estimate of the mass/weight of the treasure
5. Eliminates the signs and symbols that never say, “We came back and dug it!”

FOR THOSE THAT WE WERE SUCCESSFUL IN FINDING THE TREASURE, IT IS EASY FOR THEM TO DECLARE THE VALUE AND ANSWER THE QUESTION OF WHAT THE EQUIPMENT COULD DO FOR THEM. After 4821 trips to the field (mostly for myself) I can count on one hand how many targets were still there to be harvested. LESS than 1 %!!!
The person that buried the treasure had no intentions of you finding it before they returned or sent someone in their place to retrieve their treasure. Most people came back and dug up their treasure. For those that did not come back, and the story was made public in any way, then that treasure now falls in the less than 1% category of not being there.

The common thread in all treasure stories that one has a vested interest in is:
a. It has to be there,
b. Nobody could have found it before now,
c. I have a right to the ownership of the treasure,
d. If the equipment says it’s not there then the equipment is faulty or influenced by supernatural powers,
e. We find this last thread sad but very true, desperation for a financial bailout in their personal life.

Even though this was our second company visit to Turkey, we were misrepresented and deceived by a con-artist, we want to thank the many Turkish people that trusted us, fed us and put us up in their homes treating us as guests of honor. If we had spoke the language we would have exposed the miscreant on day one. We are sorry he took your money and promised what we could not deliver. The criminal took us within 20 minutes of Syria, demanded the money that we charged him to come to Turkey, back, or lose our life. We gave all the money back to him under duress, but we have no way of knowing if he returned your money to you our dear friends.

Selamünaleyküm, Teşekkür ederim!

Turkey gave us a genuine hand of hospitality that was second to none for any trip we have taken anywhere in the world. We would especially like to thank Kennon, İkram, Allies, the mayor and Fetif for their KINDNESS, warm welcome into their homes and their friendship. Thank you to the secretary assistant to the President, educating in Carolina.

We do not sell equipment. Our service is available for $5000 a day plus expenses.
Nondisclosure agreements ARE required. Give us a call. Telephone 480 463 7464

Long Range Detector vs Metal Detector

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Long range detector is a tool. A metal detector is a specialized tool and has a specific job that it can accomplish.

Rarely does a specialized tool multitask into the regions of other similar tools. A detector that operates to find metal or treasure over ten feet away (long range) from the burial place is a unique piece of equipment. IF IT WORKS it will save hours of digging, diving or just searching for a treasure that has already been taken or was never there in the first place. A metal detector on the other hand is very handy if you are digging and your treasure is small like a coin and can hide in a shovel of dirt. The metal detector will find it immediately. However, if you are trying to find a coin or a bullion bar that is over 15” deep and you are working with a metal detector that is under $1000 dollars there is every chance YOU WILL NEVER FIND IT.

All long range tools do not work. Few have a money back guarantee. Most are expensive, and make claims that cannot be substantiated.

Extreme distance locators are rare, expensive and operate on totally different science than metal detectors. If you are looking for treasure that is several hundred feet deep in water, ground or substrate or maybe a mile away, this extreme locator can find your treasure based upon the amount of mass there is of the treasure sought for. Need to search the attic or basement without entering the house, (like from the street), easily done. Need to know if the treasure is on a fenced property that you do not currently have access to? Easily done from the road, (a kilometer away). Need to know if there is a vein of minable mineral on the backside of the mountain from where you have access, easily done up to three mountains away. Need to know if the treasure is raw mineral in the native ground (not hidden by man) just use a different setting and the equipment differentiates between smelted metal and unmined metal. Never any anomalies or interference with a substance like magnetite, ferrous metals, iron, steel, tin etc.

Dredging for gold is an excellent way to retrieve treasure that is in its raw form.

There are very few reputable dealers to help you succeed in this method of retrieval, but those that have reps in the field to hold your hand are the best to seek out before purchase.

A long distant detector will find the pockets of gold before you dredge. This method of concentrating your search pays off with less time underwater and less material that has to be suctioned up through your equipment to collect more gold.

We do not sell equipment. We sell our locating service to help you maximize you time, efforts and money to have a better chance at finding what you are looking for. Another extreme locator.

Most treasure stories are told with a origin, (how, when and where) but very few stories are recited with an ending. We have discovered with over 5000 searches that no matter when or how long ago the story originated, that the person that buried the treasure was using the ground as a “bank”. They had full intentions of coming back to dig up their treasure, and that they had no intentions of you finding “it”. In most cases, no markings, signs, or symbols were left denoting that, “HEY, I CAME BACK AND DUG UP MY STUFF!”

Within minutes our equipment will let us know if the treasure is still there or if it has been taken. After traveling the globe, our stats reveal that less than 1% of the publicly known treasure caches are still available to harvest.

The treasure is where it is still a secret, waiting for a extreme range locator to find them. The treasure is still hidden from the time the secretear hid his spoils from a battle, hid his loot from a robbery, hid his booty from a piracy, or just used the “ground bank” and died before telling anyone about the cache.

If you are of the old school metal detector and want to reach deeper than 15″ up to a couple of feet deep try this metal detector.

Treasure is still found, large and small. We don’t coin shoot but we can locate a one ounce coin up to 400 feet away.

Looking to read more on long range?
Give us a call at 480 463 7464, or email us here.

Treasure Hunting

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Treasure Hunting, can be in your Backyard, caves, mines or for loot. First published 9-22-15. www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrwyK_ZzwWc treasure hunting

Underground Discovery has proprietary electronic equipment that can tell where the treasure is located, 10 oz of silver can easily be found a mile away.

Do you Have Signs & Symbols you want deciphered so you can find the treasure? We have an expert that can do an archaeology study or, our Long Range detector deciphers within seconds if the treasure is there at all.

Pinpointing the Location is easy with Underground Discovery equipment. Know the exact depth before digging (within 6 inches.)
Can’t find the original entrance, want to avoid the death traps, want to dig straight down?

While metal detectors average only 15 inches deep, our long range detector easily reaches 300 feet on land or water.

Digging for the Gold. We have saved investors & prospectors thousands of dollars, showing them that there is, or is not treasure where they want to dig, we can tell the difference between raw gold (that has not been mined and gold that has been smelted and reformed into bars, ingots, or coins.

Cash, Gems, Gold Bars, Silver ingots and coins, if the treasure has been buried or undisturbed for 12 months, we can find it, underground, in the attic or the basement.
Most treasure that has been written about has been found, but here are a few examples of treasure that still exists, hidden away on private property, under the sea or in your backyard.

Have a treasure map? If we can discern from the map, the location within a mile or two, we can tell you if the treasure ever was there, usually from the highway.

We do not sell equipment. Our service is available for $5000 a day plus expenses.
Nondisclosure agreements will be exchanged. Give us a call. Telephone 480 463 7464

Silver Coins for the Underground Bank

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Montana was the nearest neighbor to the underground bank for silver coins.

Religious differences drove father and son apart. Seldon went into the service and came back to be a salesman. World War II was the ending of a great depression/recession in the land. Veterans were just as jobless as boys who didn’t serve. Seldon started selling vacuum cleaners and remained successful because of his dad’s training that he called “sticktoitivness”.

As the years rolled by Seldon noticed the vending business had advanced since the war and there was now more than bubblegum machines and M&Ms. Cigarettes, candy bars, soda pop, coffee and crackers were now available in vending machines.

Seldon traveled to the capital of Minnesotan’s Empire to visit the vending machines sales capital of the United States. It was a small investment compared to normal sales, but it was the first day of building an empire for Seldon. The truck and trailer were full. Seldon took two weeks off from selling vacuum cleaners and proceeded to set up vending machines all over the capital of his state.

Upon arriving a few days later Seldon saw his vending machines setting idle empty of product for sale but full of silver cash. For the next 23 years Seldon filled every machine with pop, candy, cigarettes and coffee and emptied every cash drawer. Seldon was the only vendor who had vending machines in this city for 23 years. I met Seldon on one of my business trips, stayed in the same motel every week, Seldon rented room and a suite in this motel, as we became acquainted we began to take our meals together. (circa 1976)

One evening Seldon asked if I’d give him a hand, placing silver coins in his underground bank for I said,” sure”, and the story begins. Seldon took me down to the little room that he rented which was no bigger than a broom closet, 6 feet wide, 8 foot deep. The floor was stacked two 5 gallon buckets deep, full of silver coins for the underground bank. (Seldon had a machine that sifted the silver coins from nichols). Seldon needed me to help him load these 5 gallon buckets in the back of his station wagon. Because of the weight we were only able to take eight buckets at a time.

20 minutes outside of town in the dark we arrived at a barn. Seldon got out and reached into the grass and unscrewed a 2” galvanized pipe cap. Seldon had brought along a huge galvanized funnel that he inserted in the pipe. Slowly we began to dump the 5 gallon pails into the funnel. My inquisitive nature couldn’t hold back, “what’s down there Seldon?”

Seldon said that he had buried a chest freezer with a metal pipe welded in the lid with backhoe. “What you do when it gets full?”

He said I’ll bury another one, there is five around this barn now.

On the way back to town, Seldon recounted a story about his father, who was a farmer that cleared the land and removed rocks to the edge of the field to make a fence out of stones.

When Seldon inherited the land, he hired a front end loader and a dump truck to scoop up the rock fence. As the loader pushed into the rocks Seldon noticed a pipe being pushed out the other side. He tried to lift the pipe but it was too heavy. So the loader operator helped Seldon lift one end on to the bucket, and then the other end. Seldon said “let’s take it to the barn”, where the pipe was put in a vice and a pipe wrench was used to attempt to take off the cap. The cap would not budge. A torch was eventually used to cut the cap off the end of the pipe. The glow of gold coins supplied the reason the pipe was too heavy to lift by hand. It turns out the Seldon’s father refused to comply with the gold act of 1935 and surrender his gold coins, using instead the stone fence as his gold vault. Seldon’s father had passed away eight years prior to tearing down the stone fence. He had never told Seldon the gold was in the pipe under the stone fence.

So I asked Seldon, “are you to tell your children about that silver coins that you have buried by the barn, “Nope, he replied, that’s my retirement let them earn their own!”

I talked with Seldon five years ago, he was 89. We did not discuss the barn,his bank or his retirement. Somewhere next door to Montana there is several million dollars silver coin waiting for the new owner to uncover. (These coins are all prior to the clad coins)

It turns out Seldon’s retirement was well-placed. Six months after helping Seldon deposit in his underground bank, an organization came to town and offered to buy Seldon’s vending business. He was told this would be their only offer and that it was too good for him to refuse. Seldon sold his vending business and went back to selling vacuum cleaners, he said it gave him something to do…

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