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Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 11

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

KGC tree borerKnights of the Golden Circle treasure maps (the KGC) must be dealt with on an individual basis and a simulation of what they were doing must be considered. You have the written maps, the maps cut in stone and in shaped stones. Then you have the signs that stand individually or collectively, which we will deal with in this article.

First, watch carefully for knot holes. They may not be genuine, but they were actually formed by drilling a hole with a bung boring tool.

Chemicals were then inserted in the hole to cause the tree to scar over the area making it appear to be a knot hole. Watch carefully for placement, multiples etc. as these are very important directives to find the next sign or the placement of the treasure.

KGC hoot owl treeAnother treasure marker of the KGC is the ‘hoot owl tree’. The trees are shaped by breaking, bending and tying, weighting with rocks and even grafting. The KGC had many well trained in topiary and apothecary and could easily take nature and shape it to tell their story and most people do not pay any attention to what they see in the wilderness. At most they may make a comment concerning something unusual but seldom view these things as a treasure sign. For example, here is a hoot owl tree that was even divided and very unnatural. This photograph is only about one week old by the way! This tree was formed right after the Civil War. Directions to treasure, waypoints, signs and division of the treasure has been found in these trees.

So the next time you see a tree that looks unusual, perhaps you should stop and examine this. Watch also for items that are imbedded in the tree and have grown around them. Multiple shaped rocks, metal objects, pointers and the like are all common for them to use as signs and as pointers. Don’t forget to run that metal detector over the tree as some items are completely grown over and can not be seen.

Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps were fashioned and distributed throughout the United States, if you think you have KGC, signs and symbols or treasure maps, even though they may seem to be Spanish in origin, and need professional help deciphering them, contact Dr. John Melancon, 480 463 6579 or email using the form below. Article 12, Click Here, © 2010, Dr. John Melancon, © 2010 info at bottom of every page on this site. Call 480 463 7464 for free consultation.

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Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps 10

Thursday, May 06th, 2010

Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps often included many formats for signs and symbols. Some of the basics of these signs and symbols have been reviewed in other publications.

Although we will return to treasure signs in the near future, I must pause here for a stern warning. The Knights of the Golden Circle were very familiar with the building of death traps. They understood well the Spanish death traps and added a few of their own twists to them. For example, I have personally seen and dealt with the water traps of the KGC. Once you are inside the entryway of the largest of the KGC repositories, you may think you have found the entrance to that repository. In your excitement you will want to remove the stone you are sure forms the entry to that repository. Removal of that stone may very well cause an immediate and violent flooding of the entire chamber from a lake above the repository. It was not the entry to the repository; it was the entryway for the water that will drown you. Other traps I have seen include mechanical rock falls, sand falls and bottled chemicals where a falling rock or a rock you stepped on will breaks the glass and the chemical will kill you. The death traps are very well designed and I would not recommend you attempt to diffuse them without help from someone that knows them quite well. I have had some excellent training from when I was younger and even now the sweat breaks beads on my forehead as I cautiously proceed!

Remember, for example, that the southern sympathizers in New York (KGC) used Greek Fire to try to burn the city down and were very close to succeeding. Greek Fire, when exposed to the air is combustible and phosphorus based. These Knights played for keeps and they knew their Chemistry 101. Be cautious; be careful!

Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps, signs, symbols and interpretations take years of study. If you have KGC or Spanish treasure maps, signs or symbols that you would like Dr. Melancon to assist you with, use the email form below or call 480 463 7464
Next, Article 11, Click here, © 2010, Dr. John Melancon, © 2010 info at bottom of every page on this site.

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Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 9

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps varied greatly in the methodology of hiding. In the last KGC article (#8) I included a photograph of one of the location items from an actual KGC site.

As you view this sign, it is clear that it is a pointer. Upon finding such an item, most treasure hunters would go the direction of the upper point of triangle, believing that the point between the keys would be the directional indicator. While this is true, you will have a most difficult time retrieving the treasure. Whenever the KGC sends me directly to a location I become very wary. I have had enough experience with death traps to proceed cautiously. Going directly to a large cache will get people killed. In this case, the keys unlock the secrets. The thinking of the Knights of the Golden Circle while constructing their treasure maps was pretty straightforward but they were still deceptive. The pointer takes you immediately to the treasure complete with death awaiting you. The distance was not the length of the bar as explained in article 8, the length of the bar gave the distance to the locations the keys were pointing! The locations that the keys pointed to gave away the interpretation of distance and gave more ‘keys’ to opening the ‘vault’. So the thinking was straightforward as I said. Keys unlock things. They did here too. But they were deceptive, knowing the average person would ignore the keys and go straight to the location. This would ultimately protect their treasure through death traps and get rid of the person attempting to take it without their permission. I have seen this type of indicator used primarily in the Southwest U.S. and as of yet not elsewhere.

Of special interest, I was just given a photograph copy of a Knights of the Golden Circle treasure map template and I have been asked to resolve what was carved into stone. It is very unusual to see such a template carved on stone and left in a place that is easily discovered. This KGC treasure map is in the Southwest once again and has two crossed arrows with a pointer immediately between the arrows. Similar to the photo of the sign we just discussed. One of the arrows does not have a tip, but rather a short dialogue in place of the arrowhead. Stay tuned, hunters, I am thinking of working this treasure map template through and explaining parts of this as we resolve this one. This Knights of the Golden Circle treasure map template “in stone” is just a few miles from a major repository that has already been discovered.

The Knights of the Golden Circle and their treasure maps were prevalent throughout the southern United States. Dr. John Melancon is one of the foremost authorities on Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps, history, signs, symbols, death traps and templates. Should you have or suspect you have KGC template, signs, symbols or repository and need expert advice in identification, decoding, extraction or death trap locating, contact Dr. Melancon through the form below or call 480 463 7464. Click here for Article 10.

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Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 8

Wednesday, April 07th, 2010

KGC keysKnights of the Golden Circle treasure maps are not maps drawn as a Hollywood movie chart. Sometimes physical markers on location must also be considered in the context. The original map should overlay the area with the landmarks evident. This will lay out the template of the location. Then the on-site location signs must be sought. To locate these, I find it easier if I search out the things that are out of the ordinary. To explain this, I am going to use an actual sign marker from an expedition in the Southwest. This is one of the most unusual markers I have encountered but use it for emphasis that you might see how out of place it was.

This particular location had been settled post civil war and was well known as an ‘outlaw’ area. Just as the case with Jesse James, these outlaws may have resorted to illegal activities but primarily were acting on behalf of their ‘cause’. I did not have the Knights of the Golden Circle treasure map available to me but searching the area located some of the markers from a template. Due to not even having a complete template, I searched one of the template marker areas. Although clear indication of the direction and distance was there for the next sign, I could not find the all important ‘next clue’. There was an old building on the location. I took a metal detector and located a signal in the middle of the small building. I carefully excavated around the signal and at the depth of about 12 inches found the source of the signal. There was an iron bar driven into the ground vertically. On top of the post laying flat was an unusual item that was the next clue for direction. That item is in the photograph at the beginning of this article. This is where most people make their first mistake. I have seen so many treasure hunters immediately grab the item and begin to examine it. Wrong! We would have just lost the direction, and in many cases, even the distance. In this case the length of the iron bar gave the distance and the item gave the three directions. Examine the attached photograph and in the next article we will discover what we found about the interpretation.

Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps and Spanish treasure maps are in many forms. Some literal maps and some physical maps on site are very complex and without the keys will never be deciphered. If you need help with a KGC or Spanish map or site location, email or call 480 463 7464. Click here for Article 9, Dr. Melancon will respond to you directly © 2010, Dr. John Melancon, © 2010 info at bottom of every page on this site.

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Treasure Maps of the Knights of the Golden Circle, Article 8, Map Signs
©2010, Dr. John Melancon

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 7

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps that we were discussing in the previous article had started looking at on-site markings, specifically drill holes. Another popular hole was the site hole. This hole is drilled all the way through the rock and is used similar to a rifle site. One of the most interesting ones that I worked with of this type was next to a trail going up a large hill. You could only look through it one direction due to it being on the edge of a cliff. You could only stand in one position to see through it. As you looked through the hole (about eighteen inches in length) you could see a small triangular shaped rock about half way through the hole. We used a dowel to push the rock out into out hand and discovered it was a carved stone in the shape of a pyramid. This was a definite site hole to view the hill opposite where the trail was.

Other Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps site rocks may be carved in the shape of animals, people or things. Remember the heart, turtle and poodle carvings of the Spanish? They used other ones as well and the Knights of the Golden Circle expanded on this even more. Some are set in their meaning, yet others must be considered within the context of the characteristics of the animal, etc.

Yet other signs will take you to an animal that tells you a book of the Bible. Matthew is represented by a lion, Mark is represented by an ox, Luke is represented by a man and John is represented as an eagle. Chapter and Verse should be indicated in plain text, rarely in code. Some books of the Bible are represented by a letter (Spanish used T for Tobit, from the apocryphal books of the Catholic Bible) or JAS for the book of James. If you are working on Spanish signs I recommend the Duoay-Rheims Catholic Bible for the apocryha and if you are working on KGC signs, I recommend the King James translation). The famous ‘Bible Tree’ in Arkansas has several Bible directions on it and rumor has it that at least three small caches were located from these Bible directionals.

Note: Dr. John Melancon is an archeologist, theologian, Biblical scholar, ordained minister as well as a Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps interpreter.

If you have photos, property or knowledge of Spanish or Knights of the Golden Circle, (KGC) Treasure Maps or collections that you need interpreted contact Dr. Melancon using the email form below or call Underground Discovery at 480 463 7464.
Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 7, Click here for Article 8, © 2010, Dr. John Melancon, © 2010 info at bottom of every page on this site.

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Treasure Hunting

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Treasure Hunting, can be in your Backyard, caves, mines or for loot. First published 9-22-15. www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrwyK_ZzwWc treasure hunting

Underground Discovery has proprietary electronic equipment that can tell where the treasure is located, 10 oz of silver can easily be found a mile away.

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Pinpointing the Location is easy with Underground Discovery equipment. Know the exact depth before digging (within 6 inches.)
Can’t find the original entrance, want to avoid the death traps, want to dig straight down?

While metal detectors average only 15 inches deep, our long range detector easily reaches 300 feet on land or water.

Digging for the Gold. We have saved investors & prospectors thousands of dollars, showing them that there is, or is not treasure where they want to dig, we can tell the difference between raw gold (that has not been mined and gold that has been smelted and reformed into bars, ingots, or coins.

Cash, Gems, Gold Bars, Silver ingots and coins, if the treasure has been buried or undisturbed for 12 months, we can find it, underground, in the attic or the basement.
Most treasure that has been written about has been found, but here are a few examples of treasure that still exists, hidden away on private property, under the sea or in your backyard.

Have a treasure map? If we can discern from the map, the location within a mile or two, we can tell you if the treasure ever was there, usually from the highway.

We do not sell equipment. Our service is available for $5000 a day plus expenses.
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