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Underground Discovery

Thursday, January 08th, 2009

Underground Discovery and exploration has been enhanced with new technology and computers. Long range detection,  now locates ferrous and non-ferrous metals, gems and jewels. We are also able to find underground voids, caves and tunnels, disturbed ground (dug graves, pits or holes that have been dug and filled in again, even hundreds of years ago up to 200 feet deep).

Underground discovery uses technology FAR SUPERIOR to “Ground Penetrating Radar”,  up to 200 feet deep. Imagine being able to locate currency, buried metals such GOLD, SILVER, Platinum,  rare earth minerals etc. without ever turning a shovelful of dirt.

The long range detector will determine the exact location of a buried object (one ounce coin up to 450 feet away, more coins or larger objects such as bullion bars can be detected up to a mile away) . Imagine being able to determine how deep the target is and what amount of mass is there (no digging). Brass, bronze and other antiquities can be found with equal success.

Underground discovery technology makes underwater discovery possible,  from above the water (from a boat). Spanish galleons of the ocean or loot in a lake can be pinpointed from above. Locate the buried treasure that your grandfather buried on the home place before you sell the property.  Find the buried treasure with our underground discovery service! We travel to you.

To see more on Underground Discovery, treasure hunting video, Click Video Here!

Looking for oil or the biggest pocket of ore? Give us a call.

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Underground Discovery
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Underground Exploration

Friday, September 04th, 2009

Underground Exploration by Underground Discovery is a three step process. Using the latest equipment and technology underground exploration tells us; if there is a target in the subject area, is the target an ore, bullion, coins, paper currency, void, cave, tunnel, prior excavation, ferrous or non-ferrous metal, and how deep the target is. Underground exploration:

      • Starts first with a proprietary frequency generator that can pinpoint non-ferrous metals at a distance of 3+ miles (5 kilometers) away. Our specialized team will confirm if the target is indeed underground at the subject area and then confirm on location the precise area that needs to be subjected to underground pulse induction and/or then underground imaging.

• Second, we use a pulse induction detector (detects up to thirty feet deep) for ferrous or non-ferrous metal. All targets deeper than 30 feet will be revealed with underground exploration using our electronic underground imaging equipment and our electronic pin pointer.

• Third, our underground imaging equipment is used to receive a signal that emanates from the center of the earth, called a gauss. This gauss “ray” signal comes up through the crust of the earth and defrays as it hits any of the above mentioned targets. The software of this equipment receives the gauss signal and identifies the target by outline and color allowing us through underground exploration to discover and reveal underground targets. The long range frequency generated target is then confirmed by our electronic under-ground imaging equipment. The imaged target can narrow the underground exploration search area and time needed to search with pinpoint accuracy by telling the volume of non-ferrous metal, the depth and surrounding factors. The depth and composition of targets can be discerned at the same time. Should pinpoint accuracy be needed to tell the depth, we have an electronic “pin pointer” for even greater accuracy in determining depths of the targets.

Underground Exploration is the last frontier on our planet. Every day a new underground discovery is made, sometimes in the backyard and many times in the vast uninhabited lands that surrounds us. Underground Discovery will assist you in finding and recovering family buried treasure, mining ore veins, underground utilities, long lost troves, unmarked graves, outlaw booty, undocumented buried cache or just forgotten deposits. If your target is underground, our methods and techniques of underground exploration will reveal the target up to 200 feet deep.

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Underground Discovery
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Buried Treasure

Wednesday, September 09th, 2009

Buried Treasure has been the root of visions of grandeur from the beginning of time. Most people would think of pirates and chests of gold but the reality is that buried treasure in various forms exists within a few minutes of us all the time. Within the short history of this nation, it was discovered that the safest place to store one’s valuables was in the ground within sight of one’s residence. Farmers buried their valuables with their work in mind, fields, barns, fence rows and outbuildings. Eighty five percent of the population of the United States were farmers prior to the Great Depression. City dwellers’ buried treasure was placed in the floor of the basement or hidden in the walls of the house.

Since conflict was first called war, soldiers going to war would bury their money so the enemy would not profit should they fall in battle. Even these small caches of buried treasure are worth thousands of dollars today as most of the money buried prior to World War I and earlier than the Romans has great numismatic value.

The Spanish hid great troves of coins and buried treasure in anticipation of Indian revolts here in early American history. The Jesuit priests continued to bury church artifacts to protect the church valuables from being stolen by the Indians that were upset at the Spaniards. Wagon trains would bury all money, gold, silver and treasures in a communal hole before the Indian would attack. Western robbers would bury stolen heavy coins for a faster get away. Many robbers were caught, killed or plagued with the changing landscape after 20 years in prison. Buried treasure comes in many forms over a vast period of time, but waits patiently just out of sight for the light of day.

There are thousands of reasons that mother earth was trusted with buried treasure; “don’t trust banks, don’t trust the government, don’t trust the kids, everyone is out to steal my valuables, etc., don’t trust the partner, don’t trust the spouse.” One of the greatest reasons for buried treasure is the pure convenience of it, no matter where you are at, there you are, with plenty of terra firma to hide buried treasure. When the government made it illegal to own gold, Gold Act of 1933 ($10,000 fine for violators) you must realize that this nation had used gold and silver coins as money since the conception of the nation. Paper money was a just a guarantee that you could turn the paper “note” into the bank for REAL cash coins. This one covert act caused millions of coins to be buried on farms, ranches, backyards, basements and fields or hidden in a secret niche with the great hope that someday the owners could retrieve their coins and once again have real cash on hand. Little did the hiders realize that it would take over forty years before the ability to own gold would be returned to the US citizens. Meanwhile owners died without revealing even to their children the secret buried treasure, some lost memory of where they buried it, some moved away with intentions of coming back but never returned, some went to war and were lost, some divorced and went their separate ways and the buried treasure is still there, lost forever by the original owners. During this forty years the children were taught that paper was money and gold and silver coins belonged in a museum. The value of gold and silver was made to seem meaningless as no one could have it so why look for buried treasure?

Within fifteen minutes or less of where you are sitting now, you will find buried treasure hidden away by someone that you may never know and their story never told… If you suspect that you have the location of a buried treasure, but need a confirmation before you dig, contact Underground Discovery for imaging and recovery.

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Underground Discovery
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Tea for Treasure

Sunday, January 28th, 2018

Tea for treasure is paramount in some countries.

Daylight found us on the curb equipment packed for the day’s journey. Our SUV arrived and we piled in and were off like a herd of turtles. We might have driven 4 blocks when the chorus rang out in unison, “CHAI”! The SUV pulled back to the curb and everyone was getting out?

A very ornate teapot sat steaming on the side of the cafe. We filled half the tables with our assemblage. Sugar was passed around by the cube and a very small glass was filled with an aromatic brew that that locals called chai. It was delicious! When in Turkey you do as the Turks do.

Chai is not just tea.

Chai is the morning board meeting, the greeting of friends and fellow neighbors, the day planner, the after breakfast drink, and the following goal just one hour away. Chai is served at the fruit stand beside the road, the cafe, the restaurant, every home and business that is open to the public.

Chai became the excuse for a bathroom break, a hello to a long not seen friend, the local imam, or just because. This wonderful custom hasn’t reached other nations to the extent of Turkish custom as not many others have the method and tea leaves together to gain the same popularity.

I met wonderful new friends over a glass of chai. Thank you Turkey.

Click here for Treasure in Turkey


Turkey Treasure Hunting Long Range Detector

Saturday, January 27th, 2018

Treasure Hunting with a Long Range Detector in Turkey

The air-flight over the “pond” went through England, then Germany and landed in Turkey.
The crossroads of trade since the beginning of time is next door to the birthplace of Democracy in Greece. Istanbul and Constantinople are one and the same my history buff son advised me as I prepared for the trip.

This area of the globe has the longest period of hiding treasure of any other place on the map. (It also has the longest period of treasure finding, looting and merchandising treasure than any other place on the planet.)

Past kings built tombs (small hills) as their eternal monument to their wealth and empire. The tombs are scattered over the countryside and seen from great distances. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Assyrians, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires were some of the more notable conquerors of this famous land. Some kings built elaborate crypts as a tomb for their treasures. Wealthy nobles spent fortunes on a sarcophagus for their eternal resting spot. Much treasure was buried with them.

Tomb raiders and grave robbers have been busy for thousands of years using every technology available to them to find the secreted treasures of the dead.

In all the countries that I have operated the long range detector, I never seen as many “dug holes” as I did in Turkey.

The food was fresh, delightful and wonderful. The people were gracious, kind and generous even though the economics there have been depressed for a long time. Even though the Turkish residents knew I wasn’t Muslim, they invited me to Mosque with them 5 times a day for their daily prayers and were amazed that a non-Muslim would agree to pray with them in a Mosque.

I had a previous meeting in Dallas TX with my client who happened to be a US naturalized citizen from Turkey who had lived in the US for over 25 years. In our meeting I explained that I didn’t want to “hunt close to Syria, my fee had no guarantee as less than one percent of known treasure stories are still to be found. The reason is simple: the person that buried or hid the treasure had no intentions of you or I finding their treasure. THE EARTH WAS THEIR BANK, period. They had full intentions of digging up their treasure or having their representative dig it up for them AND THEY DID!!!

The prospective client said he guaranteed me that his treasure spots had not been dug and that I would want to stay permanently in Turkey to hunt treasure.

I assured Mr. X that I had been all over the world and the percentages for treasure that had been written about, televised or known in the area for many years was less than one percent chance that it was still there.

Mr. X had an entourage of contacts, a government secretary, a ruhani, “a seer”, business men, a military officer, an imam, a mayor, numerous groups of men that the US Government said were unfriendly to US citizens and many “men of the night”. We slept in their homes, summer homes, mountain cottages and condos.


One by one the treasure targets were debunked, dug and confirmed that the treasures were gone. Many dug holes showed that the treasure had once been there. Only one target was confirmed in 2 weeks that once again proved the equipment was accurate. (The person that had us check was the person who had buried the treasure, knew where it was and how much that was there.)

Unbeknownst to us, Mr. X had solicited our fees from all of these wonderful people that we met and GUARANTEED them we would find their treasure!

We never agree to contract to search for any treasure without a written contract with all those that put forth money.

We never guarantee that we will find anything. If you want assurances that the equipment works, bury your cash, jewels or metal and call us after 360 days. We will tell you what it is, how deep it is buried and approximately the amount of mass that is there.

Mr. X became very agitated as the two weeks were running out and no treasure was coming out of the ground. Finally Mr. X drove within 25 miles of the Syrian border, and demanded that we give him back our fee or he could not guarantee our lives, He said, “you will give back the money or these people will kill you.”

We were seven hours from the airport in Istanbul, without a map, could not speak a word of Turkish.
The conundrum was perplexing, how did this happen? A call to the English speaking government secretary, calmed the locals and we were driven directly to the airport after returning all our fees to Mr. X.
There was an attempted coup in the country soon thereafter. We don’t know if Mr. X made it back to the US or not but officials were made aware or his extortion.

This story is true, Mr. X has not been identified as we believe his justice awaits him in a higher court than ours.

Unfortunately none of our hosts could speak English, we hope that this story will be relayed to them so they will know that we still value their friendship and hope we can meet again without Mr. X in the future. We sincerely hope that Mr. X. gave all of our hosts all of their money back.

Treasure Hunting

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Treasure Hunting, can be in your Backyard, caves, mines or for loot. First published 9-22-15. www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrwyK_ZzwWc treasure hunting

Underground Discovery has proprietary electronic equipment that can tell where the treasure is located, 10 oz of silver can easily be found a mile away.

Do you Have Signs & Symbols you want deciphered so you can find the treasure? We have an expert that can do an archaeology study or, our Long Range detector deciphers within seconds if the treasure is there at all.

Pinpointing the Location is easy with Underground Discovery equipment. Know the exact depth before digging (within 6 inches.)
Can’t find the original entrance, want to avoid the death traps, want to dig straight down?

While metal detectors average only 15 inches deep, our long range detector easily reaches 300 feet on land or water.

Digging for the Gold. We have saved investors & prospectors thousands of dollars, showing them that there is, or is not treasure where they want to dig, we can tell the difference between raw gold (that has not been mined and gold that has been smelted and reformed into bars, ingots, or coins.

Cash, Gems, Gold Bars, Silver ingots and coins, if the treasure has been buried or undisturbed for 12 months, we can find it, underground, in the attic or the basement.
Most treasure that has been written about has been found, but here are a few examples of treasure that still exists, hidden away on private property, under the sea or in your backyard.

Have a treasure map? If we can discern from the map, the location within a mile or two, we can tell you if the treasure ever was there, usually from the highway.

We do not sell equipment. Our service is available for $5000 a day plus expenses.
Nondisclosure agreements will be exchanged. Give us a call. Telephone 480 463 7464

Long Range Detector for Gold Prospecting

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Long Range Detector for Gold Prospecting makes perfect sense. The Long Range Gold Detector saves time and a tremendous amount of money before mechanical exploration begins.

Southwest Idaho points to a history of mining (hydraulic) gold in record amounts. The claim sat on 700 hundred acres across the river from one of the richest deposits reclaimed with hydraulic pressure and thousands of Chinese workers. The overburden was nearly 300 feet and our client wanted us to find the hot spots in an ancient river that used to flow through the 700 acres, prior to a gigantic mud flow that moved the river to its present channel. The mission for the long range gold detector was as follows:

We knew that the long range detector for gold would locate a single one ounce gold coin at 450 feet away. We also knew that a gold concentration similar in size to a baby food jar had a specific registration that we could identify on the long range gold detector. What we did not know was if the long range detector for gold could find an accumulation of flour gold in pockets large enough to record at a depth of 300 feet.

The historic extraction of gold had been one of the largest in the nation’s history. The client needed to know if the gold was deposited in the “new bend” of the river or the gold was deposited continually. If the deposit was continually coming down stream before the channel change, then one could conclude that there was a gigantic amount of gold reserves in the old dry riverbed. The gold long range detector was truly being tested.

Survey stakes and tape in hand, we sat up on the cliff where the river used to run straight.

The long “U” shape of the river ran its course over ¾ of a mile. The long range detector for gold found several one-plus ounce targets and two baby food jar sized targets strewn over the 5/8 of a mile right of way that now was flagged and waving in the wind. There were no “mother loads”. The client was disappointed but relieved. There would be no millions spent on exploration and the mining company could terminate the lease and move on to more profitable areas.

It seems that the large slow moving new “U” in the river had trapped the flour gold in huge pockets. The original straight river course shot the flour gold downstream to be trapped elsewhere. There could have been other minuscule gold in the old river bed that the long range gold detector did not register, however the cost to remove the 300 foot overburden would have far outweighed any amount of unknown flour gold.

The long range detector for gold continues to be the premier tool for exploration of gold ore and confirmation of buried gold bullion and coins. Read more long range locators.

Call for free consultation, 480 463 7464 or email using form below.

Underground Discovery
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