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Caves for Spelunking

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Caves for spelunking are numerous in most states. Virgin caves are a rare find. The mission was to get an underground image of a newly discovered cave and possibly find its outlet leading to a hopeful undiscovered cave.

As the commercial flight approached Salt Lake City, the golden brown hillsides reflected a¬†glow of warmth and gave no hint of the impending winter storm that was fast approaching. The next morning, and a short helicopter ride to within 500 yards of the cave entrance, found our team scaling, slipping and scampering to the gaping cave entrance. Our normal modus operandi is to have a field of work that allows level, unimpeded travel (on foot) for 3-7 seconds in North to South and East to West directions, with no bushes, trees, rocks or high grass. What a shock as we had peered out of the helicopter, the cave was on the face of a 40 degree slope, peppered with outcropping boulders and scrub trees. “Mission impossible comes to mind”!

A team of ground clearers removed rocks, bent over grass clumps, removed dead bushes to prepare a “landing strip” for the three foot wide antenna that will hover just above the ground to collect the data for the underground cave walls and exits images.

All day long the team cleared imaging paths behind the team’s biolocator. This specialized field of biolocation allows the imaging team to save time and concentrate on imaging just the location of interest, not areas that do not include caves, exits or tunnels. Call 480 463 7464

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