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Treasure Avoid Empty Holes

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Treasure, Avoid Empty Holes before you dig.

The jungle trail was identical to hundreds traversed prior to this very hot humid trek to the secret shaft that was being dug straight into the bowels of gold, fortune and intrigue. The banana trees provided the shade and the coconut trees aided the wind as the leaves vibrated a hum that was ever present as we continued to climb. The memories of Naples on the Gulf were like a blinding light as sweat drained from every pore of my body. The natives chatted “Tagalognese” laced with English, Spanish and Vasgayuan dialect. The subject in every thought was untold amounts of gold hidden in these islands by the Japanese during world War II. The electronic equipment pinpointed this cache just 3 weeks earlier. The progress had been very slow. The volcano formed island was a mound of fractured rocks that was supposed to be laced with tunnels and chambers of treasure. Actually a volcano related earthquake 20 plus years earlier had sunk part of the island, collapsed tunnels and some buildings.

Behind every tree is a pair of eyes that watch till darkness comes or you leave. There are no secrets in this universe! For every treasure story there are hundreds of versions, angles and wanna be players. The compound appeared in the midst of the jungle like a mirage, a fenced compound, a 6 X 6 square shaft disappearing underground, a sleeping hut and an outhouse. The windless over the shaft creaked as it labored to raise the 7 gallon pail of dug earth to the surface. The generator wined to produce light in the hole, breeze for a fan as the 4 glistening bodies bled water to keep cool. This shaft was identical to 12 previous shafts dug by this digging crew. Prior to this “scanning crew” with their sophisticated electronic equipment, the digging crew had only dug dry, empty holes, meaning someone had beat them to the treasure or it was never there to begin with. The sense of urgency was blazing from their eyes, bordering on desperation, they dug, they ate, they slept and began digging again at dawn for their part of 1 % of the take.

The stories continue to come to the scanners from “eye witnesses, relatives with maps, stories with legends, maps, signs and rocks with symbols. The equipment makes short work of locating the real deal. If the loot is gone the machines denote it is gone. Disappointment is prevalent when the folks are told there is nothing of value on their place, but the time and money to dig a dry hole is saved. The perpetrators of the story instantly choose to believe that the equipment is wrong, faulty, or spirit diverted and that their hopes and dreams still lay buried just out of reach. The story that is told the most is of hundreds of thousands of dollars that have been spent on dry holes. Our equipment would have saved these Financiers millions. The three forms of gold maximize the chances of being successful in this island nation. Bars, coins and relics are only two. The third form is undetectable without the most sophisticated equipment, rarely spoken of, abundant and known to just a few well traveled treasure hunters.

Thirty nine feet is a long way down. The bamboo ladder sways as the climber descends. The rungs are placed too far apart and each step threatens to dislodge the climbers balance. Unseen air moves upward as rivulets of sand trail into the shaft from above. Rocks, thousands of rocks make up 90% of the matter dug from the shaft. Some require a 10 ton hoist to extricate. A foul order drifts with the air current struggling for the surface. The crew has worn gas masks for 3 days while embracing the intense heat. An afternoon squall leaves the humidity balanced with the 90 degree temperature. Signs of an explosion are evident, the tell tale residue on the shaft walls of explosives and jagged edged rocks say man has been in this location before the digging crew. The crew yields way as I land on the bottom of the shaft.

The electronic equipment indicates the crew is just 3 feet from where the gold lay hidden for over 50 years. Success is just within reach and hours from the surface. This story has been played out to fruition. However the tale of financiers funding empty holes based upon local legends, folklore and fabricated maps is repeated everyday in this island paradise. Is there treasure here? Yes! Ninety percent of the proposed treasure sites have had the treasure previously removed or it never was there. Without the use of our sophisticated equipment this digging crew and the financier would be excavating their 13th dry, empty hole.

If you are involved with a treasure that requires extreme excavation call or email us before you spend thousands of dollars on a guess.

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