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Ancient Treasure Hunting in TÜRKİYE

Tuesday, January 01st, 2019

Ancient Treasure Hunting in Europe. For more than 4000 years, Turks have been defined by the Mongolians, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, Kurds, British, Greeks, French, Jews and Muslims. During these times of foreign occupation, the regals of each era where buried with their valuables. Thousands of treasure sites dot the landscape. The tombs of the very early regals can be seen from miles away as mounds of earth towering nearly 100 feet above the surrounding landscape. Ancient treasure

This unique section of the earth is now known as Turkey, the crossroads for worldwide trade, the cradle of the “silk road”. Constantine came up with the name Constantinople but later it became Istanbul. It stands to reason that there are many ancient treasure sites over this entire country. However, there have been thousands of tomb raiders and grave diggers over the past thousands of years that have dug up most of the “known” treasures.
We have been in many countries worldwide and every state in the USA, and find that less than 1% of “known” treasures, remain where they were originally buried, this includes Turkey.

Our Ancient Treasure Hunting took us to nondescript overgrown cemeteries with blank rock headstones, to caves, tunnels (hundreds of meters deep), cliffs, ancient mound tombs, priest tombs, Armenian settlements long abandoned, Roman burial sites, elaborate carved crypts (lait), vineyards that were planted over treasure sites, restricted sites, military sites, days of driving to all four directions in the nation. We saw hundreds of dug holes that the equipment verified, no treasure was left buried there.

Ancient treasure

Most of the mound tombs have been raided years ago. In a small pastoral setting of shady trees I noted that there were two mound tombs and one had been dug. We stopped and set up the equipment and it confirmed that the diggers had removed all treasure from the first mound… however the second mound (that had not been dug) still had a good signal that treasure was still there… we are still waiting to hear the results of this Ancient Treasure mound tomb that is located on the owners’ farm.

Time after time the equipment led us to the exact dig from a kilometer away. An explanation of how this works when the treasure has been dug is in a following post. Unfortunately on the spots unknown to the person working the area, our search ended in a “dug hole”.

17 days is not enough time to rule out the dug treasures and zero in on the target that has never been dug.
Here is a question that I have been asked by people that did not contact me but were “sold” my service without our knowledge and then told I could 100% find only targets still in the ground: “why is your service valuable if you cannot tell me that the treasure is 100% there?”

Lets start with Allies: Allies worked 90 days without a break, and without stopping before reaching a depth of 93 meters, chasing “code” etched on the stream bank wall. Allies was working in a restricted area with two companions working three shifts a day. The crew stayed underground most of the time coming out at night to sleep in a tent and cook when not digging. Tourist alerted authorities that a suspicious activity was going on in the restricted area. Allies and his partners were arrested, fined and went to jail.

Our equipment showed there was never any treasure buried within 3 kilometers of the 93 meter dig. There was no signal for gold, silver, diamonds or bronze present at Allies’ dig site. No signal equals 100% no treasure!

Second, lets proceed with Mahamett: the test was on to see if our machine was good or a fake. We did not find out about this test until later. Mahamett stopped the car and said “test here”. We had stopped in the middle of the wind farm. The machine pointed in the opposite direction than everyone was facing. One by one the team of five men started to smile as I obviously was pointing opposite in the right direction. The car was moved ¾ of the kilometer and Mahamett again said “test here”. The machine pointed back in the direction we had come from, which meant we had passed the target. I told the men I would walk to the target. On the way there the men told me that they were just testing me and the machine and that they had already started to dig, they were down 11 meters and they wanted to know how much further to dig.

Arriving at the hidden dig site, I set up the equipment and discovered their dig site was 22 meters from the original burial site that was only 2.1 meters deep.

Let’s move on to Jim: Jim showed up at my personal invitation to see the equipment work and dig in my test plot see if the machine could perform as advertised. He was more than convinced! His plane tickets said that I would be going to a foreign country and his instructions was to find a treasure that an eyewitness had seen buried during WWII. Jim had spent $340,000 US on this project only to have a cornucopia of gadgets and ground penetrating radar tell him that he had missed the target at 21 meters deep by 2 meters. 17 diggers, 8 ½ months, water pumps running 24 hours a day to keep the shaft dry enough to dig and they still could not find the treasure. My total flight time was 17 ½ hours, my road time to drive to the site’s 3 ½ hours, and in less than five minutes I disclosed the target had been taken. The eyewitness now almost 90 years old said, “I was afraid of that.” As it turns out the treasure had been buried on his family’s property, watched very carefully except for the 15 years he was in the military.

Simian Hill:
Peter had joined a group of investors to plunder Simian Hill. Simian Hill was supposed to have 200 metric tons of gold buried in a shaft that had been partially filled with stones. Simian Hill was in a foreign country with a US foreman guiding the local workers.

Peter called us because after hundreds of thousands of dollars, 4 years of dubious continual work mucking out the shaft, another ground penetrating radar image revealed that the gold had disappeared. He wanted to know for sure if the gold was gone indicating that the nefarious foreman had decided to take it all, or was the gold still there as indicated before the dig began?

A book could be written on this one story but our equipment found the treasure was 100% not there!
Two governments are chasing the splinter group that absconded with the investors share.

Although I have hundreds of examples of the value that this equipment has given our clients I’ll end with Alan: all of my prospective clients get my same personal invitation to see the equipment work in my test plot. Each client is told the same odds that their special treasure has less than 1% chance of still being there. Allen brought his wife to our test plot and left proclaiming he was going to use our service. Alan went home and told his three partners that he wanted to know for certain, the project they had worked on for 22 years and spent countless thousands of dollars, almost every weekend, endangering their grandchildren was worthy of their continued efforts.
The original shaft led to a large antechamber, with an outline of a door leading to another chamber. The discoverer dynamited the shaft to prevent its discovery by others before he could file a mining claim on the area. Upon returning he found it too difficult to muck out the closed shaft. After many attempts, the decision was made to dig a lateral tunnel to intersect the antechamber. The antechamber was never reached. High on the side of the mountain I set up the equipment and went through the selection of gold, silver, diamonds and bronze frequencies. There were plenty of signs and symbols! There were no signals for any of these treasures. These treasures were 100% NOT THERE!

Allen called when I got home and he said “Man am I relieved! Now I can concentrate on a real treasure…”

SO your question at this point might be, so, “what can your equipment do for me?”
1. Locate the original burial site starting within a kilometer of where you think its buried.
2. Let you know if the treasure is there at all… allowing you to concentrate on a real target.
3. Locate the true target, letting you know the depth of the target within 6”.
4. Give an estimate of the mass/weight of the treasure
5. Eliminates the signs and symbols that never say, “We came back and dug it!”

FOR THOSE THAT WE WERE SUCCESSFUL IN FINDING THE TREASURE, IT IS EASY FOR THEM TO DECLARE THE VALUE AND ANSWER THE QUESTION OF WHAT THE EQUIPMENT COULD DO FOR THEM. After 4821 trips to the field (mostly for myself) I can count on one hand how many targets were still there to be harvested. LESS than 1 %!!!
The person that buried the treasure had no intentions of you finding it before they returned or sent someone in their place to retrieve their treasure. Most people came back and dug up their treasure. For those that did not come back, and the story was made public in any way, then that treasure now falls in the less than 1% category of not being there.

The common thread in all treasure stories that one has a vested interest in is:
a. It has to be there,
b. Nobody could have found it before now,
c. I have a right to the ownership of the treasure,
d. If the equipment says it’s not there then the equipment is faulty or influenced by supernatural powers,
e. We find this last thread sad but very true, desperation for a financial bailout in their personal life.

Even though this was our second company visit to Turkey, we were misrepresented and deceived by a con-artist, we want to thank the many Turkish people that trusted us, fed us and put us up in their homes treating us as guests of honor. If we had spoke the language we would have exposed the miscreant on day one. We are sorry he took your money and promised what we could not deliver. The criminal took us within 20 minutes of Syria, demanded the money that we charged him to come to Turkey, back, or lose our life. We gave all the money back to him under duress, but we have no way of knowing if he returned your money to you our dear friends.

Selamünaleyküm, Teşekkür ederim!

Turkey gave us a genuine hand of hospitality that was second to none for any trip we have taken anywhere in the world. We would especially like to thank Kennon, İkram, Allies, the mayor and Fetif for their KINDNESS, warm welcome into their homes and their friendship. Thank you to the secretary assistant to the President, educating in Carolina.

We do not sell equipment. Our service is available for $5000 a day plus expenses.
Nondisclosure agreements ARE required. Give us a call. Telephone 480 463 7464

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