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Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps Part 4

Sunday, February 21st, 2010 1:28pm

Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps must be considered in the light of what is unusual on them. Look to see if any letters or words are out of what the context would indicate. For instance, suppose the Knights of the Golden Circle treasure map were written in Spanish. If the entire documentation were recorded in Spanish and signed by one Sven Johnson something is out of place! You must examine closely the name that is out of place. Perhaps begin by assigning a numerical value to each letter within the name. This was a common practice within many cultures. So let’s examine that Swedish-American name in the light of what we have just said.

A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4 E=5 F=6 G=7 H=8 I=9 J=10 K=11 L=12 M=13 N=14
O=15 P=16 Q=17 R=18 S=19 T=20 U=21 V=22 W=23 X=24 Y=25 Z=26

Sven Johnson
S=19 v=22 e=5 n=14 for a total of 60
J=10 o=15 h=8 n=14 s=19 o=15 n=14 for a total of 95

Now what do we do with this information? This is where trial and error comes in. We may have a distance or a compass degree bearing. This is where the context must be discovered. We may have to add the two sums for 145. We may have to subtract the smaller sum from the larger for a total of 35. We may have a combination of an angle and a distance. Check every possible combination.

This example has been fabricated as an illustration. The point is you must examine that which does not fit the context. I can not drive home enough the importance of the context.

Another example would be a Knights of the Golden Circle treasure map with a short statement on it. Look carefully! You may see a single letter repeated several times but sometimes it is written forward and other times that same letter may be reversed. This can be a reversal, this could be a deletion or what have you according to context.

The Knights of the Golden Circle treasure map is usually written in stone or carved in a tree, literally with no traditional map ever made at all. It is important to NOT move any stones or trees untill the Knights of the Golden Circle treasure map has been decoded. If you suspect that the signs or symbols you have found are Knights of the Golden Circle treasure map signs or symbols, call or write UDI immediately for suggestions on how to proceed. Click here for Article 5. undergrounddiscovery.com ©2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019 info at bottom of every page on this site. Phone  for consultation 480 463 7464

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Article 4 of series, Knights of the Golden Circle,

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Map Signs 5

Wednesday, March 03rd, 2010 10:53am

Knights of the Golden Circle treasure map signs have been guarded carefully over the years. The purpose the treasures were hidden and guarded was for the resurgence of the Golden Crescent. Jesse James, often connected with the Knights of the Golden Circle treasure map signs, was indeed raising capital for the resurgence of the South. Several years ago I was privileged to work with a group of treasure hunters that had discovered a contractual agreement between the leaders of the Knights of the Golden Circle, “KGC”, and Jesse James. Jesse was not an outlaw in the traditional sense of the word. He was working for a little under $250.00 per month to rob the Union (‘the bad guys’) and using the money to restore the new world (territories in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean to be included in the United States as slave states) of the Golden Crescent (‘the good guys’).

If you look at it in that respect, you will begin to think more like the KGC people and understand why they did what they did. Then you can understand why the treasures were hidden with a large cache that was protected by the Sentinel and why there were at least 2 small caches for the Sentinel to get paid from if conventional pay wasn’t forthcoming for some reason. This is why there are death traps with the large caches and there are no death traps with the small caches. If you do not understand the death traps of the large caches, I would strongly advise you not to tamper with them. A small cache or two would allow you to live modestly for some time. A large cache may not allow you to live at all. We will discuss death traps in a later article.

One of the reasons that Spanish signs have been altered is due to the theft of over 30 written treasure maps about 1910. These treasure maps were recovered later but in the meantime the on-site signs and symbols from these locations were altered and there are many deceptive signs at the location. Within these deceptions were secret codes to explain the changes to anyone that understood the Knights of the Golden Circle signs and symbols. So when you interpret on-site signs and symbols, you must be advised to look for any drawing, unusual tree formation, rock or picture that is out of sync with the rest of the map figures. This may be the one figure that changes the entire map.

Click here for Article 6.

Need an expert to verify your Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Map? Email the form below with a time and number . 480 463 7464 for free consultation.

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Knights of the Golden Circle, Treasure Map Signs 6

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 1:25pm

Knights of the Golden Circle, Treasure Map Signs 6 duplicated much of the Spanish work in signs and symbols of treasure hunting, but not exactly. This means the length of a line could give the distance or depth of the treasure or distance to the next sign or symbol. You must be very accurate in this measurement and it’s interpretation or it will be of no value for you. Also, if the line is on a horizontal surface, take your compass reading to discover the degrees the line is pointing, and then adjust according to the magnetic declination of the year the treasure was hidden. Since magnetic declination varies from year to year, use the directional based upon the year the treasure site was established.

Another favorite of the Spanish and the Knights of the Golden Circle, Treasure Map Signs was the drill holes. Drill holes can establish the actual site location, the distance and the compass direction if read properly. We will not discuss this process within this article as these drill holes vary according to site. The parameters of how to read these elusive drill holes signs will vary according to area and those that hid the treasure. However, one clue that is general applying to all drill holes is to carefully clean any drill hole out using a small stick, compressed air (cans of compressed air for cleaning computers are the best). In most cases remember that a drill hole was made with a star drill. It is generally slightly larger that a ½” piece of emt conduit. Carry a piece of this conduit with you (about 18” is excellent) if you are encountering drill holes and after cleaning the hole, insert the emt into the hole. From this you may get better ideas of direction (although this depends on which type of hole it is) but you can make a mark on the emt with a felt pen and measure the depth of the hole when you withdraw the conduit. This may also be an indication of measurement related to the treasure. This is only one tip for Knights of the Golden Circle, Treasure Map Signs, there are many!

If you believe you have found Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Map Signs, and feel you need an expert to assist the deciphering of the code please email below or call  for free consultation. Call for480 463 7464

Click for the 7th Article

Treasure Maps of the Knights of the Golden Circle, Article 6, Map Signs IV undergrounddiscovery.com ©2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019 info at bottom of every page on this site.

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Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps #15

Wednesday, August 04th, 2010 3:31pm

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps of the KGC and the on-sight signs include many objects other than animals. If it is an object, consider what the object does. What is the item used for? Is it the item a tool? What does that tool do? This could give you a clue for what they are saying but you must consider the context. Always take a series of photographs of each item and place in the picture an indicator for direction and an indicator for size. That way you can sit next to the fire on a cold winter night and examine the object and understand the direction it points and the size it is. Many times there is much information in the measurements of each part of the object. When I have someone send me a photograph of an item, I first consider if it is horizontal or vertical in nature. If it is horizontal I have them take a 12” ruler and lay it so the ‘0’ end at magnetic north and the ‘12’ at the southern position. This gives me the directional and a way of measuring the different parts of the item off of the length of the ruler. If the item is vertical in nature I have a hole in the ‘0’ end of the ruler, tie a string to the ruler and suspend the ruler so the increments are visible in the photo.

Now examine the item (non-animal) for its use. It if were say a knife, look to see where it is pointing but watch carefully for any reversal signs. The hilt might even divide the treasure and the point show the direction. The lengths may indicate how far to the two treasures. You see, a knife is designed to cut or divide. And although that may not be the use of your knife, it could be. You must read it all within the context.

Spanish signs were usually incorporated into a KGC site. Many times the signs were merged to confuse a Spanish sign interpreter. D 480 463 7464.

Treasure Maps of the Knights of the Golden Circle, Article 15, Map Signs
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Knights of the Golden Circle treasure Maps 14

Saturday, July 17th, 2010 4:30pm

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure maps of the KGC and signs should be read within their own right and not from a standard Treasure Hunters Manual of signs. The emails and phone calls are generally of the nature “I have a stone carved into the shape of an . . . . . . , what does it mean”. With KGC it depends on the area and the persons that did the deposit. I would love to be able to help, but I can not without seeing the context of the signs. I would like to get you thinking more like the KGC and make it easier for you to find.

Begin by looking at the individual sign. If it is an animal, consider the attributes of the animal. Say it were a cheetah. The cheetah is best known for its ability to run. Is it indicating such within the context? Consider the turtle of the Spanish and the KGC. Does it the have legs? Then it is walking. If it has no legs, it is going to be right there, it is going no where. If it has one leg, watch carefully it may be a pointer. One of the more significant features is the eye. There are three positions to consider for the eye. First, is one eye not carved where it should be? Then the other eye is looking at something and gives a directional for another sign, an entryway, a deposit, etc. If an eye is carved but closed, then consider this: the eye is present but it is ‘lights out’ time. Watch for a death trap. Or it may be that it just indicates there is nothing there. If both eyes are open, carefully study for differences, particularly letters or numbers near the eye and watch the lines around the eye carefully for a pattern or a map. The lines may indicate a topo map drawn for the cache or next sign. Compare these lines carefully to the surrounding topography. There are many other signs from the eyes, so sit down and consider what it may be telling you. So you have three things to consider about each eye: is it missing, is it closed or is it open. Then you must apply how it is being used and the context of that information. Then compare the information from the two eyes and proceed from there.

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure maps, Spanish and KGC signs and symbols art complex and many per site. Take many pictures, do not disturb anything that MAY be a sign, DO NOT REMOVE any of the signs or symbols. If you need help  email for further help 480 463 7464. Click here for the next Article 15.  

undergrounddiscovery.com ©2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019

These KGC treasure map aids started with 13 previous articles.

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Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure maps 13

Monday, June 14th, 2010 4:18pm

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure maps and the signs to get to KGC cache sights is the current topic we are reviewing. The last article encouraged you to begin to watch landmarks, both currently known and those that are now forgotten due to changes in our lifestyles. I collect old maps and many times the landmarks that are now forgotten are on there. The old topographical maps from the 60’s even have archaeological sites on them that are no longer placed on the maps to keep people from knowing where they are. Please, do not disturb any archeological site, but notice the landmarks that are no longer shown. Perhaps you should start your search there.

We then moved on to hoot owl trees. Hoot owl trees are an invaluable source of information, generally directional information and even divisional information. I have never seen one that gave everything I needed to locate a treasure.

Turtle treasure signThe next thing you should look for is rocks that are carved into shapes. In the areas of the large repository I have many times found huge stones carved into animals. The Spanish did the same thing (i.e. the poodle, the Santa Fe horse, etc.). Perhaps those of you working on the Peralta stones should reconsider the significance of the sight. Perhaps it is Spanish and perhaps it is Spanish that is reworked by the KGC.

To help you understand the importance of these stones, I have included a photo of one of the most common animals carved by the Spanish. Lo and behold, it is a Spanish turtle that stands about 12’ tall. This has been altered by the KGC with a map carved on it. The KGC signs, no matter what they are, must always be considered under with their thought patterns. Look carefully as to whether the turtle has legs, tail, etc. If it has no tail, of course it is the head that does the pointing. If it has no legs, it can’t walk anywhere so look close. Are the eyes open or shut? This particular turtle is massive and the photo has been cropped to not show location and certain sign to. Watch for every detail. These animals give tremendous information concerning the treasure. Further sign will be discussed in the next article, Click here for Article 14.

The Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure maps symbols and signs mentioned in this article may be difficult to interpret due to time, erosion, and an untrained eye.  Email or call for help on your Spanish or Knights of the Golden Circle project. 480-463 7464

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Treasure Maps of the Knights of the Golden Circle, Article 14, Map Signs
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Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 12

Monday, June 07th, 2010 3:05pm

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure maps of the are most generally misunderstood because the treasure hunter relies upon one sign to interpret the entire treasure location. One such story that comes to mind is the hunter that had been using a jack-o-lantern sign to interpret an entire treasure sight! If you want to understand the hiding of the valuables, you must consider more than a single sign. The jack-o-lantern is not a hiding sign, it is an informational sign about the hiding of the deposit. Yet this person found a hill, thought it was the shape of the drawing if you looked at it from above (although it did not look like that on topos or aerial photos) and therefore the location the treasure was deposited and commenced looking for the rest of the face; two rocks for eyes, a mark or object for a nose and a mouth. Now some of you would have obliged this young man and put a smiley face on the hill and it would have been a cute moment in a futile hunt.

Treasure signs of TurkeyYou must always get the large overview. I have stressed from the beginning the importance of the context of every sign. While recently in Turkey, a series of holes was discovered in the tops of large stones. They have proven to guide me to significant locations important to the ancients of 400 BC and previous! No single hole told me anything, but when considered in whole, they even began to give me the date the artifacts were placed en situ! These artifacts will be excavated archaeologically. Watch for the entire story at this web site.

Let me help you understand better the jack-o-lantern better. The jack-o-lantern is informational. He tells you very little in some cases. Sometimes he is just saying good-bye. You must find the rest of the signs and the jack-o-lantern will then tell you more. First, within the context, look where he is looking. If it is done as an outside type signor on a map, look where he is looking. Then look at the eyes – if they are closed, don’t go where he is looking within the context of the sign. When you find the entry from the rest of the sign, you are going to find a death trap. If you have a closed set of eyes, stop before you attempt any further actions!. He has worked extensively diffusing death traps.  Keep watching this sight as it will be available only through this web site! Underground Discovery! What is a Knights of the Golden Circle site worth? Your life if you open it up wrong. Click here for Article 13.

ns. His knowledge can very easily make the difference in recovery and your continued life. Call 480 463 7464 or email using the form below. undergrounddiscovery.com ©2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019

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Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 11

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 3:07pm

KGC tree borerKnights of the Golden Circle treasure maps (the KGC) must be dealt with on an individual basis and a simulation of what they were doing must be considered. You have the written maps, the maps cut in stone and in shaped stones. Then you have the signs that stand individually or collectively, which we will deal with in this article.

First, watch carefully for knot holes. They may not be genuine, but they were actually formed by drilling a hole with a bung boring tool.

Chemicals were then inserted in the hole to cause the tree to scar over the area making it appear to be a knot hole. Watch carefully for placement, multiples etc. as these are very important directives to find the next sign or the placement of the treasure.

KGC hoot owl treeAnother treasure marker of the KGC is the ‘hoot owl tree’. The trees are shaped by breaking, bending and tying, weighting with rocks and even grafting. The KGC had many well trained in topiary and apothecary and could easily take nature and shape it to tell their story and most people do not pay any attention to what they see in the wilderness. At most they may make a comment concerning something unusual but seldom view these things as a treasure sign. For example, here is a hoot owl tree that was even divided and very unnatural. This photograph is only about one week old by the way! This tree was formed right after the Civil War. Directions to treasure, waypoints, signs and division of the treasure has been found in these trees.

So the next time you see a tree that looks unusual, perhaps you should stop and examine this. Watch also for items that are imbedded in the tree and have grown around them. Multiple shaped rocks, metal objects, pointers and the like are all common for them to use as signs and as pointers. Don’t forget to run that metal detector over the tree as some items are completely grown over and can not be seen.

Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps were fashioned and distributed throughout the United States, if you think you have KGC, signs and symbols or treasure maps, even though they may seem to be Spanish in origin, contact UDI, 480 463 6579 or email using the form below. Article 12, Click Here, undergrounddiscovery.com ©2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019 info at bottom of every page on this site. Call 480 463 7464.

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Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps 10

Thursday, May 06th, 2010 10:35am

Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps often included many formats for signs and symbols. Some of the basics of these signs and symbols have been reviewed in other publications.

Although we will return to treasure signs in the near future, I must pause here for a stern warning. The Knights of the Golden Circle were very familiar with the building of death traps. They understood well the Spanish death traps and added a few of their own twists to them. For example, I have personally seen and dealt with the water traps of the KGC. Once you are inside the entryway of the largest of the KGC repositories, you may think you have found the entrance to that repository. In your excitement you will want to remove the stone you are sure forms the entry to that repository. Removal of that stone may very well cause an immediate and violent flooding of the entire chamber from a lake above the repository. It was not the entry to the repository; it was the entryway for the water that will drown you. Other traps I have seen include mechanical rock falls, sand falls and bottled chemicals where a falling rock or a rock you stepped on will breaks the glass and the chemical will kill you. The death traps are very well designed and I would not recommend you attempt to diffuse them without help from someone that knows them quite well. I have had some excellent training from when I was younger and even now the sweat breaks beads on my forehead as I cautiously proceed!

Remember, for example, that the southern sympathizers in New York (KGC) used Greek Fire to try to burn the city down and were very close to succeeding. Greek Fire, when exposed to the air is combustible and phosphorus based. These Knights played for keeps and they knew their Chemistry 101. Be cautious; be careful!

Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps, signs, symbols and interpretations take years of study. If you have KGC or Spanish treasure maps, signs or symbols , use the email form below or call 480 463 7464
Next, Article 11, Click here, undergrounddiscovery.com ©2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019

Underground Discovery
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Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 9

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 8:05am

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps varied greatly in the methodology of hiding. In the last KGC article (#8) I included a photograph of one of the location items from an actual KGC site.

As you view this sign, it is clear that it is a pointer. Upon finding such an item, most treasure hunters would go the direction of the upper point of triangle, believing that the point between the keys would be the directional indicator. While this is true, you will have a most difficult time retrieving the treasure. Whenever the KGC sends me directly to a location I become very wary. I have had enough experience with death traps to proceed cautiously. Going directly to a large cache will get people killed. In this case, the keys unlock the secrets. The thinking of the Knights of the Golden Circle while constructing their treasure maps was pretty straightforward but they were still deceptive. The pointer takes you immediately to the treasure complete with death awaiting you. The distance was not the length of the bar as explained in article 8, the length of the bar gave the distance to the locations the keys were pointing! The locations that the keys pointed to gave away the interpretation of distance and gave more ‘keys’ to opening the ‘vault’. So the thinking was straightforward as I said. Keys unlock things. They did here too. But they were deceptive, knowing the average person would ignore the keys and go straight to the location. This would ultimately protect their treasure through death traps and get rid of the person attempting to take it without their permission. I have seen this type of indicator used primarily in the Southwest U.S. and as of yet not elsewhere.

Of special interest, I was just given a photograph copy of a Knights of the Golden Circle treasure map template and I have been asked to resolve what was carved into stone. It is very unusual to see such a template carved on stone and left in a place that is easily discovered. This KGC treasure map is in the Southwest once again and has two crossed arrows with a pointer immediately between the arrows. Similar to the photo of the sign we just discussed. One of the arrows does not have a tip, but rather a short dialogue in place of the arrowhead. Stay tuned, hunters, I am thinking of working this treasure map template through and explaining parts of this as we resolve this one. This Knights of the Golden Circle treasure map template “in stone” is just a few miles from a major repository that has already been discovered.

The Knights of the Golden Circle and their treasure maps were prevalent throughout the southern United States.  Should you have or suspect you have KGC template, signs, symbols or repository and need expert advice in identification, decoding, extraction or death trap locating, contact UDI through the form below or call 480 463 7464. Click here for Article 10. undergrounddiscovery.com ©2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019

Underground Discovery
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Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 8

Wednesday, April 07th, 2010 8:47am

KGC keysKnights of the Golden Circle treasure maps are not maps drawn as a Hollywood movie chart. Sometimes physical markers on location must also be considered in the context. The original map should overlay the area with the landmarks evident. This will lay out the template of the location. Then the on-site location signs must be sought. To locate these, I find it easier if I search out the things that are out of the ordinary. To explain this, I am going to use an actual sign marker from an expedition in the Southwest. This is one of the most unusual markers I have encountered but use it for emphasis that you might see how out of place it was.

This particular location had been settled post civil war and was well known as an ‘outlaw’ area. Just as the case with Jesse James, these outlaws may have resorted to illegal activities but primarily were acting on behalf of their ‘cause’. I did not have the Knights of the Golden Circle treasure map available to me but searching the area located some of the markers from a template. Due to not even having a complete template, I searched one of the template marker areas. Although clear indication of the direction and distance was there for the next sign, I could not find the all important ‘next clue’. There was an old building on the location. I took a metal detector and located a signal in the middle of the small building. I carefully excavated around the signal and at the depth of about 12 inches found the source of the signal. There was an iron bar driven into the ground vertically. On top of the post laying flat was an unusual item that was the next clue for direction. That item is in the photograph at the beginning of this article. This is where most people make their first mistake. I have seen so many treasure hunters immediately grab the item and begin to examine it. Wrong! We would have just lost the direction, and in many cases, even the distance. In this case the length of the iron bar gave the distance and the item gave the three directions. Examine the attached photograph and in the next article we will discover what we found about the interpretation.

Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps and Spanish treasure maps are in many forms. Some literal maps and some physical maps on site are very complex and without the keys will never be deciphered. If you need help with a KGC or Spanish map or site location, email or call 480 463 7464. Click here for Article 9, undergrounddiscovery.com ©2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019 info at bottom of every page on this site.

Underground Discovery
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Treasure Maps of the Knights of the Golden Circle, Article 8, Map Signs
©2010, Dr. John Melancon

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 7

Thursday, March 25th, 2010 10:06am

Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps that we were discussing in the previous article had started looking at on-site markings, specifically drill holes. Another popular hole was the site hole. This hole is drilled all the way through the rock and is used similar to a rifle site. One of the most interesting ones that I worked with of this type was next to a trail going up a large hill. You could only look through it one direction due to it being on the edge of a cliff. You could only stand in one position to see through it. As you looked through the hole (about eighteen inches in length) you could see a small triangular shaped rock about half way through the hole. We used a dowel to push the rock out into out hand and discovered it was a carved stone in the shape of a pyramid. This was a definite site hole to view the hill opposite where the trail was.

Other Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps site rocks may be carved in the shape of animals, people or things. Remember the heart, turtle and poodle carvings of the Spanish? They used other ones as well and the Knights of the Golden Circle expanded on this even more. Some are set in their meaning, yet others must be considered within the context of the characteristics of the animal, etc.

Yet other signs will take you to an animal that tells you a book of the Bible. Matthew is represented by a lion, Mark is represented by an ox, Luke is represented by a man and John is represented as an eagle. Chapter and Verse should be indicated in plain text, rarely in code. Some books of the Bible are represented by a letter (Spanish used T for Tobit, from the apocryphal books of the Catholic Bible) or JAS for the book of James. If you are working on Spanish signs I recommend the Duoay-Rheims Catholic Bible for the apocryha and if you are working on KGC signs, I recommend the King James translation). The famous ‘Bible Tree’ in Arkansas has several Bible directions on it and rumor has it that at least three small caches were located from these Bible directionals.

If you have photos, property or knowledge of Spanish or Knights of the Golden Circle, (KGC) Treasure Maps or collections that you need interpreted contact UDI using the email form below or call Underground Discovery at 480 463 7464.
Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 7, Click here for Article 8, undergrounddiscovery.com ©2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019 info at bottom of every page on this site.

Underground Discovery
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[tag]Knights of the Golden Circle,treasure maps[/tag]

Ancient Treasure Hunting in TÜRKİYE

Tuesday, January 01st, 2019 5:45pm

Ancient Treasure Hunting in Europe. For more than 4000 years, Turks have been defined by the Mongolians, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, Kurds, British, Greeks, French, Jews and Muslims. During these times of foreign occupation, the regals of each era where buried with their valuables. Thousands of treasure sites dot the landscape. The tombs of the very early regals can be seen from miles away as mounds of earth towering nearly 100 feet above the surrounding landscape. Ancient treasure

This unique section of the earth is now known as Turkey, the crossroads for worldwide trade, the cradle of the “silk road”. Constantine came up with the name Constantinople but later it became Istanbul. It stands to reason that there are many ancient treasure sites over this entire country. However, there have been thousands of tomb raiders and grave diggers over the past thousands of years that have dug up most of the “known” treasures.
We have been in many countries worldwide and every state in the USA, and find that less than 1% of “known” treasures, remain where they were originally buried, this includes Turkey.

Our Ancient Treasure Hunting took us to nondescript overgrown cemeteries with blank rock headstones, to caves, tunnels (hundreds of meters deep), cliffs, ancient mound tombs, priest tombs, Armenian settlements long abandoned, Roman burial sites, elaborate carved crypts (lait), vineyards that were planted over treasure sites, restricted sites, military sites, days of driving to all four directions in the nation. We saw hundreds of dug holes that the equipment verified, no treasure was left buried there.

Ancient treasure

Most of the mound tombs have been raided years ago. In a small pastoral setting of shady trees I noted that there were two mound tombs and one had been dug. We stopped and set up the equipment and it confirmed that the diggers had removed all treasure from the first mound… however the second mound (that had not been dug) still had a good signal that treasure was still there… we are still waiting to hear the results of this Ancient Treasure mound tomb that is located on the owners’ farm.

Time after time the equipment led us to the exact dig from a kilometer away. An explanation of how this works when the treasure has been dug is in a following post. Unfortunately on the spots unknown to the person working the area, our search ended in a “dug hole”.

17 days is not enough time to rule out the dug treasures and zero in on the target that has never been dug.
Here is a question that I have been asked by people that did not contact me but were “sold” my service without our knowledge and then told I could 100% find only targets still in the ground: “why is your service valuable if you cannot tell me that the treasure is 100% there?”

Lets start with Allies: Allies worked 90 days without a break, and without stopping before reaching a depth of 93 meters, chasing “code” etched on the stream bank wall. Allies was working in a restricted area with two companions working three shifts a day. The crew stayed underground most of the time coming out at night to sleep in a tent and cook when not digging. Tourist alerted authorities that a suspicious activity was going on in the restricted area. Allies and his partners were arrested, fined and went to jail.

Our equipment showed there was never any treasure buried within 3 kilometers of the 93 meter dig. There was no signal for gold, silver, diamonds or bronze present at Allies’ dig site. No signal equals 100% no treasure!

Second, lets proceed with Mahamett: the test was on to see if our machine was good or a fake. We did not find out about this test until later. Mahamett stopped the car and said “test here”. We had stopped in the middle of the wind farm. The machine pointed in the opposite direction than everyone was facing. One by one the team of five men started to smile as I obviously was pointing opposite in the right direction. The car was moved ¾ of the kilometer and Mahamett again said “test here”. The machine pointed back in the direction we had come from, which meant we had passed the target. I told the men I would walk to the target. On the way there the men told me that they were just testing me and the machine and that they had already started to dig, they were down 11 meters and they wanted to know how much further to dig.

Arriving at the hidden dig site, I set up the equipment and discovered their dig site was 22 meters from the original burial site that was only 2.1 meters deep.

Let’s move on to Jim: Jim showed up at my personal invitation to see the equipment work and dig in my test plot see if the machine could perform as advertised. He was more than convinced! His plane tickets said that I would be going to a foreign country and his instructions was to find a treasure that an eyewitness had seen buried during WWII. Jim had spent $340,000 US on this project only to have a cornucopia of gadgets and ground penetrating radar tell him that he had missed the target at 21 meters deep by 2 meters. 17 diggers, 8 ½ months, water pumps running 24 hours a day to keep the shaft dry enough to dig and they still could not find the treasure. My total flight time was 17 ½ hours, my road time to drive to the site’s 3 ½ hours, and in less than five minutes I disclosed the target had been taken. The eyewitness now almost 90 years old said, “I was afraid of that.” As it turns out the treasure had been buried on his family’s property, watched very carefully except for the 15 years he was in the military.

Simian Hill:
Peter had joined a group of investors to plunder Simian Hill. Simian Hill was supposed to have 200 metric tons of gold buried in a shaft that had been partially filled with stones. Simian Hill was in a foreign country with a US foreman guiding the local workers.

Peter called us because after hundreds of thousands of dollars, 4 years of dubious continual work mucking out the shaft, another ground penetrating radar image revealed that the gold had disappeared. He wanted to know for sure if the gold was gone indicating that the nefarious foreman had decided to take it all, or was the gold still there as indicated before the dig began?

A book could be written on this one story but our equipment found the treasure was 100% not there!
Two governments are chasing the splinter group that absconded with the investors share.

Although I have hundreds of examples of the value that this equipment has given our clients I’ll end with Alan: all of my prospective clients get my same personal invitation to see the equipment work in my test plot. Each client is told the same odds that their special treasure has less than 1% chance of still being there. Allen brought his wife to our test plot and left proclaiming he was going to use our service. Alan went home and told his three partners that he wanted to know for certain, the project they had worked on for 22 years and spent countless thousands of dollars, almost every weekend, endangering their grandchildren was worthy of their continued efforts.
The original shaft led to a large antechamber, with an outline of a door leading to another chamber. The discoverer dynamited the shaft to prevent its discovery by others before he could file a mining claim on the area. Upon returning he found it too difficult to muck out the closed shaft. After many attempts, the decision was made to dig a lateral tunnel to intersect the antechamber. The antechamber was never reached. High on the side of the mountain I set up the equipment and went through the selection of gold, silver, diamonds and bronze frequencies. There were plenty of signs and symbols! There were no signals for any of these treasures. These treasures were 100% NOT THERE!

Allen called when I got home and he said “Man am I relieved! Now I can concentrate on a real treasure…”

SO your question at this point might be, so, “what can your equipment do for me?”
1. Locate the original burial site starting within a kilometer of where you think its buried.
2. Let you know if the treasure is there at all… allowing you to concentrate on a real target.
3. Locate the true target, letting you know the depth of the target within 6”.
4. Give an estimate of the mass/weight of the treasure
5. Eliminates the signs and symbols that never say, “We came back and dug it!”

FOR THOSE THAT WE WERE SUCCESSFUL IN FINDING THE TREASURE, IT IS EASY FOR THEM TO DECLARE THE VALUE AND ANSWER THE QUESTION OF WHAT THE EQUIPMENT COULD DO FOR THEM. After 4821 trips to the field (mostly for myself) I can count on one hand how many targets were still there to be harvested. LESS than 1 %!!!
The person that buried the treasure had no intentions of you finding it before they returned or sent someone in their place to retrieve their treasure. Most people came back and dug up their treasure. For those that did not come back, and the story was made public in any way, then that treasure now falls in the less than 1% category of not being there.

The common thread in all treasure stories that one has a vested interest in is:
a. It has to be there,
b. Nobody could have found it before now,
c. I have a right to the ownership of the treasure,
d. If the equipment says it’s not there then the equipment is faulty or influenced by supernatural powers,
e. We find this last thread sad but very true, desperation for a financial bailout in their personal life.

Even though this was our second company visit to Turkey, we were misrepresented and deceived by a con-artist, we want to thank the many Turkish people that trusted us, fed us and put us up in their homes treating us as guests of honor. If we had spoke the language we would have exposed the miscreant on day one. We are sorry he took your money and promised what we could not deliver. The criminal took us within 20 minutes of Syria, demanded the money that we charged him to come to Turkey, back, or lose our life. We gave all the money back to him under duress, but we have no way of knowing if he returned your money to you our dear friends.

Selamünaleyküm, Teşekkür ederim!

Turkey gave us a genuine hand of hospitality that was second to none for any trip we have taken anywhere in the world. We would especially like to thank Kennon, İkram, Allies, the mayor and Fetif for their KINDNESS, warm welcome into their homes and their friendship. Thank you to the secretary assistant to the President, educating in Carolina.

We do not sell equipment. Our service is available for $5000 a day plus expenses.
Nondisclosure agreements ARE required. Give us a call. Telephone 480 463 7464

Tea for Treasure

Sunday, January 28th, 2018 9:57am

Tea for treasure is paramount in some countries.

Daylight found us on the curb equipment packed for the day’s journey. Our SUV arrived and we piled in and were off like a herd of turtles. We might have driven 4 blocks when the chorus rang out in unison, “CHAI”! The SUV pulled back to the curb and everyone was getting out?

A very ornate teapot sat steaming on the side of the cafe. We filled half the tables with our assemblage. Sugar was passed around by the cube and a very small glass was filled with an aromatic brew that that locals called chai. It was delicious! When in Turkey you do as the Turks do.

Chai is not just tea.

Chai is the morning board meeting, the greeting of friends and fellow neighbors, the day planner, the after breakfast drink, and the following goal just one hour away. Chai is served at the fruit stand beside the road, the cafe, the restaurant, every home and business that is open to the public.

Chai became the excuse for a bathroom break, a hello to a long not seen friend, the local imam, or just because. This wonderful custom hasn’t reached other nations to the extent of Turkish custom as not many others have the method and tea leaves together to gain the same popularity.

I met wonderful new friends over a glass of chai. Thank you Turkey.

Click here for Treasure in Turkey


Turkey Treasure Hunting Long Range Detector

Saturday, January 27th, 2018 5:38pm

Treasure Hunting with a Long Range Detector in Turkey

The air-flight over the “pond” went through England, then Germany and landed in Turkey.
The crossroads of trade since the beginning of time is next door to the birthplace of Democracy in Greece. Istanbul and Constantinople are one and the same my history buff son advised me as I prepared for the trip.

This area of the globe has the longest period of hiding treasure of any other place on the map. (It also has the longest period of treasure finding, looting and merchandising treasure than any other place on the planet.)

Past kings built tombs (small hills) as their eternal monument to their wealth and empire. The tombs are scattered over the countryside and seen from great distances. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Assyrians, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires were some of the more notable conquerors of this famous land. Some kings built elaborate crypts as a tomb for their treasures. Wealthy nobles spent fortunes on a sarcophagus for their eternal resting spot. Much treasure was buried with them.

Tomb raiders and grave robbers have been busy for thousands of years using every technology available to them to find the secreted treasures of the dead.

In all the countries that I have operated the long range detector, I never seen as many “dug holes” as I did in Turkey.

The food was fresh, delightful and wonderful. The people were gracious, kind and generous even though the economics there have been depressed for a long time. Even though the Turkish residents knew I wasn’t Muslim, they invited me to Mosque with them 5 times a day for their daily prayers and were amazed that a non-Muslim would agree to pray with them in a Mosque.

I had a previous meeting in Dallas TX with my client who happened to be a US naturalized citizen from Turkey who had lived in the US for over 25 years. In our meeting I explained that I didn’t want to “hunt close to Syria, my fee had no guarantee as less than one percent of known treasure stories are still to be found. The reason is simple: the person that buried or hid the treasure had no intentions of you or I finding their treasure. THE EARTH WAS THEIR BANK, period. They had full intentions of digging up their treasure or having their representative dig it up for them AND THEY DID!!!

The prospective client said he guaranteed me that his treasure spots had not been dug and that I would want to stay permanently in Turkey to hunt treasure.

I assured Mr. X that I had been all over the world and the percentages for treasure that had been written about, televised or known in the area for many years was less than one percent chance that it was still there.

Mr. X had an entourage of contacts, a government secretary, a ruhani, “a seer”, business men, a military officer, an imam, a mayor, numerous groups of men that the US Government said were unfriendly to US citizens and many “men of the night”. We slept in their homes, summer homes, mountain cottages and condos.


One by one the treasure targets were debunked, dug and confirmed that the treasures were gone. Many dug holes showed that the treasure had once been there. Only one target was confirmed in 2 weeks that once again proved the equipment was accurate. (The person that had us check was the person who had buried the treasure, knew where it was and how much that was there.)

Unbeknownst to us, Mr. X had solicited our fees from all of these wonderful people that we met and GUARANTEED them we would find their treasure!

We never agree to contract to search for any treasure without a written contract with all those that put forth money.

We never guarantee that we will find anything. If you want assurances that the equipment works, bury your cash, jewels or metal and call us after 360 days. We will tell you what it is, how deep it is buried and approximately the amount of mass that is there.

Mr. X became very agitated as the two weeks were running out and no treasure was coming out of the ground. Finally Mr. X drove within 25 miles of the Syrian border, and demanded that we give him back our fee or he could not guarantee our lives, He said, “you will give back the money or these people will kill you.”

We were seven hours from the airport in Istanbul, without a map, could not speak a word of Turkish.
The conundrum was perplexing, how did this happen? A call to the English speaking government secretary, calmed the locals and we were driven directly to the airport after returning all our fees to Mr. X.
There was an attempted coup in the country soon thereafter. We don’t know if Mr. X made it back to the US or not but officials were made aware or his extortion.

This story is true, Mr. X has not been identified as we believe his justice awaits him in a higher court than ours.

Unfortunately none of our hosts could speak English, we hope that this story will be relayed to them so they will know that we still value their friendship and hope we can meet again without Mr. X in the future. We sincerely hope that Mr. X. gave all of our hosts all of their money back.

Long Range Detector vs Metal Detector

Monday, November 28th, 2016 2:53pm

Long range detector is a tool. A metal detector is a specialized tool and has a specific job that it can accomplish.

Rarely does a specialized tool multitask into the regions of other similar tools. A detector that operates to find metal or treasure over ten feet away (long range) from the burial place is a unique piece of equipment. IF IT WORKS it will save hours of digging, diving or just searching for a treasure that has already been taken or was never there in the first place. A metal detector on the other hand is very handy if you are digging and your treasure is small like a coin and can hide in a shovel of dirt. The metal detector will find it immediately. However, if you are trying to find a coin or a bullion bar that is over 15” deep and you are working with a metal detector that is under $1000 dollars there is every chance YOU WILL NEVER FIND IT.

All long range tools do not work. Few have a money back guarantee. Most are expensive, and make claims that cannot be substantiated.

Extreme distance locators are rare, expensive and operate on totally different science than metal detectors. If you are looking for treasure that is several hundred feet deep in water, ground or substrate or maybe a mile away, this extreme locator can find your treasure based upon the amount of mass there is of the treasure sought for. Need to search the attic or basement without entering the house, (like from the street), easily done. Need to know if the treasure is on a fenced property that you do not currently have access to? Easily done from the road, (a kilometer away). Need to know if there is a vein of minable mineral on the backside of the mountain from where you have access, easily done up to three mountains away. Need to know if the treasure is raw mineral in the native ground (not hidden by man) just use a different setting and the equipment differentiates between smelted metal and unmined metal. Never any anomalies or interference with a substance like magnetite, ferrous metals, iron, steel, tin etc.

Dredging for gold is an excellent way to retrieve treasure that is in its raw form.

There are very few reputable dealers to help you succeed in this method of retrieval, but those that have reps in the field to hold your hand are the best to seek out before purchase.

A long distant detector will find the pockets of gold before you dredge. This method of concentrating your search pays off with less time underwater and less material that has to be suctioned up through your equipment to collect more gold.

We do not sell equipment. We sell our locating service to help you maximize you time, efforts and money to have a better chance at finding what you are looking for. Another extreme locator.

Most treasure stories are told with a origin, (how, when and where) but very few stories are recited with an ending. We have discovered with over 5000 searches that no matter when or how long ago the story originated, that the person that buried the treasure was using the ground as a “bank”. They had full intentions of coming back to dig up their treasure, and that they had no intentions of you finding “it”. In most cases, no markings, signs, or symbols were left denoting that, “HEY, I CAME BACK AND DUG UP MY STUFF!”

Within minutes our equipment will let us know if the treasure is still there or if it has been taken. After traveling the globe, our stats reveal that less than 1% of the publicly known treasure caches are still available to harvest.

The treasure is where it is still a secret, waiting for a extreme range locator to find them. The treasure is still hidden from the time the secretear hid his spoils from a battle, hid his loot from a robbery, hid his booty from a piracy, or just used the “ground bank” and died before telling anyone about the cache.

If you are of the old school metal detector and want to reach deeper than 15″ up to a couple of feet deep try this metal detector.

Treasure is still found, large and small. We don’t coin shoot but we can locate a one ounce coin up to 400 feet away.

Looking to read more on long range?
Give us a call at 480 463 7464, or email us here.

Treasure Hunting

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015 5:48pm

Treasure Hunting, can be in your Backyard, caves, mines or for loot. First published 9-22-15. www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrwyK_ZzwWc treasure hunting

Underground Discovery has proprietary electronic equipment that can tell where the treasure is located, 10 oz of silver can easily be found a mile away.

Do you Have Signs & Symbols you want deciphered so you can find the treasure? We have an expert that can do an archaeology study or, our Long Range detector deciphers within seconds if the treasure is there at all.

Pinpointing the Location is easy with Underground Discovery equipment. Know the exact depth before digging (within 6 inches.)
Can’t find the original entrance, want to avoid the death traps, want to dig straight down?

While metal detectors average only 15 inches deep, our long range detector easily reaches 300 feet on land or water.

Digging for the Gold. We have saved investors & prospectors thousands of dollars, showing them that there is, or is not treasure where they want to dig, we can tell the difference between raw gold (that has not been mined and gold that has been smelted and reformed into bars, ingots, or coins.

Cash, Gems, Gold Bars, Silver ingots and coins, if the treasure has been buried or undisturbed for 12 months, we can find it, underground, in the attic or the basement.
Most treasure that has been written about has been found, but here are a few examples of treasure that still exists, hidden away on private property, under the sea or in your backyard.

Have a treasure map? If we can discern from the map, the location within a mile or two, we can tell you if the treasure ever was there, usually from the highway.

We do not sell equipment. Our service is available for $5000 a day plus expenses.
Nondisclosure agreements will be exchanged. Give us a call. Telephone 480 463 7464

Silver Coins for the Underground Bank

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 3:21pm

Montana was the nearest neighbor to the underground bank for silver coins.

Religious differences drove father and son apart. Seldon went into the service and came back to be a salesman. World War II was the ending of a great depression/recession in the land. Veterans were just as jobless as boys who didn’t serve. Seldon started selling vacuum cleaners and remained successful because of his dad’s training that he called “sticktoitivness”.

As the years rolled by Seldon noticed the vending business had advanced since the war and there was now more than bubblegum machines and M&Ms. Cigarettes, candy bars, soda pop, coffee and crackers were now available in vending machines.

Seldon traveled to the capital of Minnesotan’s Empire to visit the vending machines sales capital of the United States. It was a small investment compared to normal sales, but it was the first day of building an empire for Seldon. The truck and trailer were full. Seldon took two weeks off from selling vacuum cleaners and proceeded to set up vending machines all over the capital of his state.

Upon arriving a few days later Seldon saw his vending machines setting idle empty of product for sale but full of silver cash. For the next 23 years Seldon filled every machine with pop, candy, cigarettes and coffee and emptied every cash drawer. Seldon was the only vendor who had vending machines in this city for 23 years. I met Seldon on one of my business trips, stayed in the same motel every week, Seldon rented room and a suite in this motel, as we became acquainted we began to take our meals together. (circa 1976)

One evening Seldon asked if I’d give him a hand, placing silver coins in his underground bank for I said,” sure”, and the story begins. Seldon took me down to the little room that he rented which was no bigger than a broom closet, 6 feet wide, 8 foot deep. The floor was stacked two 5 gallon buckets deep, full of silver coins for the underground bank. (Seldon had a machine that sifted the silver coins from nichols). Seldon needed me to help him load these 5 gallon buckets in the back of his station wagon. Because of the weight we were only able to take eight buckets at a time.

20 minutes outside of town in the dark we arrived at a barn. Seldon got out and reached into the grass and unscrewed a 2” galvanized pipe cap. Seldon had brought along a huge galvanized funnel that he inserted in the pipe. Slowly we began to dump the 5 gallon pails into the funnel. My inquisitive nature couldn’t hold back, “what’s down there Seldon?”

Seldon said that he had buried a chest freezer with a metal pipe welded in the lid with backhoe. “What you do when it gets full?”

He said I’ll bury another one, there is five around this barn now.

On the way back to town, Seldon recounted a story about his father, who was a farmer that cleared the land and removed rocks to the edge of the field to make a fence out of stones.

When Seldon inherited the land, he hired a front end loader and a dump truck to scoop up the rock fence. As the loader pushed into the rocks Seldon noticed a pipe being pushed out the other side. He tried to lift the pipe but it was too heavy. So the loader operator helped Seldon lift one end on to the bucket, and then the other end. Seldon said “let’s take it to the barn”, where the pipe was put in a vice and a pipe wrench was used to attempt to take off the cap. The cap would not budge. A torch was eventually used to cut the cap off the end of the pipe. The glow of gold coins supplied the reason the pipe was too heavy to lift by hand. It turns out the Seldon’s father refused to comply with the gold act of 1935 and surrender his gold coins, using instead the stone fence as his gold vault. Seldon’s father had passed away eight years prior to tearing down the stone fence. He had never told Seldon the gold was in the pipe under the stone fence.

So I asked Seldon, “are you to tell your children about that silver coins that you have buried by the barn, “Nope, he replied, that’s my retirement let them earn their own!”

I talked with Seldon five years ago, he was 89. We did not discuss the barn,his bank or his retirement. Somewhere next door to Montana there is several million dollars silver coin waiting for the new owner to uncover. (These coins are all prior to the clad coins)

It turns out Seldon’s retirement was well-placed. Six months after helping Seldon deposit in his underground bank, an organization came to town and offered to buy Seldon’s vending business. He was told this would be their only offer and that it was too good for him to refuse. Seldon sold his vending business and went back to selling vacuum cleaners, he said it gave him something to do…

Buried Treasure is where you find it

Saturday, July 13th, 2013 2:33pm

Treasure is where you find it, and you never know where that might be!

On a recent job just inside the Alabama border we met our client’s neighbor who had come to naysay our recovery efforts. She and her husband own two small farms 50 miles away. She mentioned they were thinking of remodeling one which meant filling in an old well on the back porch.

“Don’t do that until I check it,” I told her. “Back in the day, folks often hid their valuables in wells. You might cover up a fortune and never know it.”

She was skeptical. It just happened I was heading for another job a few hundred miles north of her place so I arranged a detour. She met me at the gate and on the drive to her place she asked why anyone would hide anything in a well.

“In this area, there was one big reason,” I said. “It was called the Civil War. When soldiers, especially Yankee soldiers, were in the area people would hurry to hide anything of value. The family silver, gold coins, anything that water wouldn’t ruin could be tied in a table cloth, dropped down the well and fished out later. For one reason or another, not all of it was recovered. You’d be surprised what we’ve found.”

“I’ll never be that lucky,” she said.

Unfortunately, she was right about the well. I told her to fill it and enjoy her new porch. “While I’m here, give me a tour of the other farm,” I suggested. “We have time before I have to get to the next job.” Our equipment was able to search the 60 foot well without diving equipment, cameras and the claustraphobia that goes with it.

The second farm didn’t appear as old as the first. The house was built about 70 years ago. Several hundred yards down the road in a field was an abandoned two-room shack. “What’s that,” I asked.

“This farm originally had hundreds of acres. It was share cropped. That’s one of the share cropper’s cabins,” she explained as we pulled into the drive.

“Let’s take a look at that. There could be a fortune in hidden treasure under the floor.”

Still not believing, she laughed and said, “The kids have been all over this place with a metal detector. If you need rusty horse shoes, window weights, or wire, you’re in business.”

“A metal detector only reaches down about 15 inches,” I explained. The equipment we use for Underground Discovery leaves standard metal detectors and the lost treasure they never find in the dirt. No pun intended.” It only took a few minutes to set up the Long Range Gold Detector. Bingo!!! We got a hit. “Just for the fun of it, let’s see if there’s any silver out there, too.” Double Bingo!!! Another hit.

We shooed a couple of mules out of the way as we walked through the pasture trying to pinpoint our target. It was ten feet in front of that share cropper’s shack. We found a quart mason jar filled with gold and silver coins buried three feet deep under an old post that had once been part of a hitching rail (commonly referred to as a “post bank”).

The jar we found may have been small but it held some valuable coins. How valuable? Let’s just say my new friend is enjoying her back porch…at her new vacation home in Belize. Underground Discovery has another “believer” to verify our results.

Buried treasure or hidden treasure is truly where you find it. In most cases there are no surviving stories of treasure or treasure map to direct you to the cache. In this case the “unbeliever” might have sold the farm and the treasure without ever knowing of a lost treasure. Before you sell the family ranch or just want to know if you are sitting on buried treasure, e-mail us using the form below or call for a free consultation 480 463 7464.

Treasure Avoid Empty Holes

Thursday, April 26th, 2012 10:51am

Treasure, Avoid Empty Holes before you dig.

The jungle trail was identical to hundreds traversed prior to this very hot humid trek to the secret shaft that was being dug straight into the bowels of gold, fortune and intrigue. The banana trees provided the shade and the coconut trees aided the wind as the leaves vibrated a hum that was ever present as we continued to climb. The memories of Naples on the Gulf were like a blinding light as sweat drained from every pore of my body. The natives chatted “Tagalognese” laced with English, Spanish and Vasgayuan dialect. The subject in every thought was untold amounts of gold hidden in these islands by the Japanese during world War II. The electronic equipment pinpointed this cache just 3 weeks earlier. The progress had been very slow. The volcano formed island was a mound of fractured rocks that was supposed to be laced with tunnels and chambers of treasure. Actually a volcano related earthquake 20 plus years earlier had sunk part of the island, collapsed tunnels and some buildings.

Behind every tree is a pair of eyes that watch till darkness comes or you leave. There are no secrets in this universe! For every treasure story there are hundreds of versions, angles and wanna be players. The compound appeared in the midst of the jungle like a mirage, a fenced compound, a 6 X 6 square shaft disappearing underground, a sleeping hut and an outhouse. The windless over the shaft creaked as it labored to raise the 7 gallon pail of dug earth to the surface. The generator wined to produce light in the hole, breeze for a fan as the 4 glistening bodies bled water to keep cool. This shaft was identical to 12 previous shafts dug by this digging crew. Prior to this “scanning crew” with their sophisticated electronic equipment, the digging crew had only dug dry, empty holes, meaning someone had beat them to the treasure or it was never there to begin with. The sense of urgency was blazing from their eyes, bordering on desperation, they dug, they ate, they slept and began digging again at dawn for their part of 1 % of the take.

The stories continue to come to the scanners from “eye witnesses, relatives with maps, stories with legends, maps, signs and rocks with symbols. The equipment makes short work of locating the real deal. If the loot is gone the machines denote it is gone. Disappointment is prevalent when the folks are told there is nothing of value on their place, but the time and money to dig a dry hole is saved. The perpetrators of the story instantly choose to believe that the equipment is wrong, faulty, or spirit diverted and that their hopes and dreams still lay buried just out of reach. The story that is told the most is of hundreds of thousands of dollars that have been spent on dry holes. Our equipment would have saved these Financiers millions. The three forms of gold maximize the chances of being successful in this island nation. Bars, coins and relics are only two. The third form is undetectable without the most sophisticated equipment, rarely spoken of, abundant and known to just a few well traveled treasure hunters.

Thirty nine feet is a long way down. The bamboo ladder sways as the climber descends. The rungs are placed too far apart and each step threatens to dislodge the climbers balance. Unseen air moves upward as rivulets of sand trail into the shaft from above. Rocks, thousands of rocks make up 90% of the matter dug from the shaft. Some require a 10 ton hoist to extricate. A foul order drifts with the air current struggling for the surface. The crew has worn gas masks for 3 days while embracing the intense heat. An afternoon squall leaves the humidity balanced with the 90 degree temperature. Signs of an explosion are evident, the tell tale residue on the shaft walls of explosives and jagged edged rocks say man has been in this location before the digging crew. The crew yields way as I land on the bottom of the shaft.

The electronic equipment indicates the crew is just 3 feet from where the gold lay hidden for over 50 years. Success is just within reach and hours from the surface. This story has been played out to fruition. However the tale of financiers funding empty holes based upon local legends, folklore and fabricated maps is repeated everyday in this island paradise. Is there treasure here? Yes! Ninety percent of the proposed treasure sites have had the treasure previously removed or it never was there. Without the use of our sophisticated equipment this digging crew and the financier would be excavating their 13th dry, empty hole.

If you are involved with a treasure that requires extreme excavation call or email us before you spend thousands of dollars on a guess.

Call for free consultation: 480 463 7464

Underground Discovery
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